Friday, August 22, 2014

Cody: Who Wants to Drool Over My Pictures in the HoH Room? #BB16

Of course Cody didn't say that, though.  But that is what happened...

Whenever you watch the live feeds and get a few seconds of footage of a closed door like this, you need to keep watching.  They're trying to tell  you something.

Cody burst out of the DR with excitement.  Apparently he had been in there for well over an hour.

Caleb:  We thought you weren't coming back!

Donny:  Did you have to go to New Jersey to get the key?

Every week when they file up the stairs for this, they sing the little instrumental piece that is always played on the CBS show before the HoH Room reveal.   You know, "Do do do do do?"

(Listen for it on Sunday night's show, so you can imagine what I'm hearing.)

The minute the door opened, Frankie was yelling "OH MY GOD!" as he he saw the family picture.

Victoria:  Is this a real family?

Christine:  Oh my God!  Your family is so good-looking!

Nicole is squealing as they pass the small picture back and forth, and then keep crowding around to look.

Caleb:  Your sister is gorgeous.

(Oh no!  Ha ha.)

Cody:  Yeah.  My sister is gorgeous!

Derrick:  Did your brother get highlights?

Cody:  My mom looks so hot!

Christine:  Ewww.

Derrick asks again about Paul's highlights, and notes that Cody's mom has lighter hair, too.  Cody says his dad is a stud.

Frankie:  Is this who I shouted out for you!  Well I'm so glad.  Hello!

(I don't know if you know this, but Frankie is gay.)

Cody is happy to get "Sour Straws", a pair of soccer sweatpants,  and a Papa Roach CD.  Cody laughs and says no one else listens to Papa Roach but him.  Frankie's glitter still sparkles, after such a long night.

Cody's letter is from his mom, and she calls him "Cody Bear".  She is excited for him to have his favorite "snackies" and has some inspirational things to say.

Derrick wants to know if they can call him Cody Bear in the house and I think Cody has a new nickname now.

Cody says his dad's the fucking man.  This is his parents' wedding picture, with his dad wearing a leopard print tuxedo.  (OMG.)  Cody says he still has that tux and that it is so small that the jacket is Frankie's size.

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