Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cody Calzone is a Cheap Date, Apparently. #BB16

People with a buzz are fun.  Energetic, talkative, often very witty.  But once you cross the line into intoxication, it is just kind of sad to watch.  Earlier tonight, Cody and Caleb drank four beers apiece, and Cody drank most of a bottle of red wine.  Caleb and Victoria had some wine, too, because a bottle of white wine got drained, too.

Then around 10:00 pm BBT, Caleb and Cody were upstairs listening to Caleb's FGL CD and were probably about to fall asleep.  Derrick went in the storage room and found four more cold cans of beer and another bottle of red wine.

Derrick made the announcement that there was more booze and they came running downstairs to drink more.  There was still another hour of TVGN coverage to fill, so I guess Production figured, what the hell.

Cody came down wearing Frankie's silver Mom Drag Shoes, crowing about how tall he looked in them.  And then he and Frankie grabbed each other's butts.  Yes, they did.  And they both squeezed, too.

Cody is getting sloppy, for sure.

Take a seat, Cody.  Maybe drink some water, too.  Because you're wasting the beer you are drinking now.

Caleb let Victoria wear his cowboy hat for about 2 minutes before taking it back.  Victoria says she goes country line dancing at home with a group of friends and it's fun.  She wants to salsa dance with Caleb tomorrow and he says he's up for it.

Caleb has been drinking just like Cody has, but his voice is steady and he is not being silly at all.  He can handle his drinking.

Frankie does his dinosaur imitation.

Derrick went upstairs to listen to the FGL CD and then Caleb came upstairs, and they talked about their plans for the rest of the game, and the possibilities of being in the Final Three together with Cody.  Derrick knows just how to stroke Caleb's ego, telling him that it is likely that whichever of them doesn't make Final Two will probably get America's Favorite Player, because they've been in the game so long and have been playing so hard.

(Meanwhile, I don't even think there will be an America's Favorite Player this year, since so much money has already been spent on the Team America bullshit.  I would like Zach to win some cash though....but I'm tired of the "Poor Donny.....Poor Donny" crap.  If you watch the live feeds than you know that Donny did nothing but sleep when everyone else was awake and then sit pouting during group conversations. And Donny's family is embarrassed about the "Give Donny Money" fund and asked people not to contribute to it. Donny doesn't need or want charity.)

Caleb said whoever makes HoH next needs to put up Frankie and Christine and whoever they think they can't beat needs to go home.  I was hoping Derrick would pounce on this comment, but Victoria came in to tell Derrick that the chocolate slop muffins she made were ready to eat.

In the kitchen they talked about BB14, when the coaches came in.

Derrick:  What if the eight of us come back in the house and we all decided to work together again.

Christine:  That would be AWESOME!

Derrick:  And then Frank Eudy comes in, and Dan, and Mike Boogie, and we'd all be like, "what?".  Dan would call me aside to talk game with me and I'd just be an idiot, saying, "So Dan, you want to talk game to me?  you want me to go on the block, and then go home?  OK!"

Cody:  If Jeff wanted to talk game with me, I'd just be like, bye everybody! I'm working with Jeff now!

Derrick:  Well that's what happened to them!  They were all starstruck!

What are you doing with your hand Cody?

And what are you doing with your hand Frankie?  Your gnarled, Glitter Gnome Hand?

Derrick started eating the slop muffins, and Cody had something to say about him.

Cody:  You're so thin man.

Derrick:  What?

Cody:  You're so look great.

Derrick:  Thanks.

Cody, slurring:  ...Good looking as fuck..

Derrick was thrilled to hear that and ran around the counter to give Cody a hug.  BB should have given Derrick a Holla for that....

Then Frankie had to get in on the Hug Cody action, too.  Around this time, Cody started really slurring and appeared to be having trouble sitting upright.

Christine wanted to get in on the Cody action too, and started licking a spoon in a suggestive manner to get his attention.

Cody, slurring big time:  I saw that.

Christine, give it a rest, hon.  We get it.

That dinosaur head must be heavy...

A big clue that you are wasted is if everyone talks about you like you're not even there.  A discussion started about how Cody should eat right now.

Nicole:  Yeah, he really should be crushing some food.

Victoria, who drank also but is well-behaved:  Some carbs.  He needs some carbs.

Christine:  Want me to make you a quesadilla?

Cody, trying to be snappy, but slurring:  No.  I make the quesadillas here....

Christine:  But you've made me so many.  Let me make you one.

Frankie:  What about a bagel?  A toasted bagel?

Frankie tries to leer in a caring way.

Frankie:  You want to go to bed now?  Aren't you tired?

Cody denied all food offers and trudged upstairs to the HoH room and collapsed on the couch.  Caleb sounded sober as a judge while he told Cody that the flag he got in his HoH basket flew over Baghdad, and discussed how there was no one for Cody to cuddle with.

Caleb:  Christine is married...and Nicole is dating Hayden...and Victoria...well...neither one of us like her.

Cody tried to respond a few times, but it was clear he was failing fast.

The camera guys have some fun...surveying the damage from the night.

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