Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cody and Christine "Love Fest" #BB16

I know people all over the internet get all upset about Cody and Christine's friendship.  Cody flirts with all the girls...it's his thing.  But there are only a few girls left in the BB house right now, so the flirting is concentrated on just a few females.  Christine doesn't really seem to laugh it off though...

After 2:00 am  BBT, Cody was in the kitchen and apparently left a trail of stink behind him.  He's on slop, so his stomach is on shaky ground.

Derrick:  Your farts smell so bad, I have to go to the bathroom now!

So of course Christine has to go over and comfort Cody, who is saying over and over in a Mexican accent that his stomach is sick.

Does Christine's nose work?  Can't she smell the funk?

The camera crew know what the chatter is all about online.  They read the BB websites, too.

Christine is ready to go to bed, but says her lip balm is still in the backyard.  She doesn't want to go get it though, since Zach and Frankie are out there.

Cody makes her promise that she never says anything like that about him...

Which calls for another round of hugs, of course.

And you know how Cody is an Arm Stroker.

Christine asks if Cody is mad at her, which leads to some close-up staring and whispering.

And yet another round of hugs.

Finally she leaves the room, after Cody says twice "I love you" and she "loves him" right back.

Good lord.  If you think you love everybody, than you don't really love anybody.  Right?

Being a Have Not is exhausting for Cody.  It takes a lot of energy to do all of that hugging.

A few minutes before this Lovefest, Derrick and Caleb were in the kitchen with Cody, and Derrick says as a Big Brother fan he used to wonder what Slop was like.  He addressed the cameras and told us to go to Whole Foods and buy the blandest type of steel cut oats, and eat them with barely any condiments.  And then keep doing that for seven days.

Derrick:  Don't even eat a fucking cookie.  Not one.  And you'll know what it's like.

Cody:  And sleep on the kitchen floor, with the A/C turned way down.

Derrick:  Sleep on the sidewalk!

Caleb said in the military, it was okay to spend time in the woods, eating MREs, because everyone else is doing it, too.  But in the BB house, people are eating food all around him, and there is food right there in front of him.

(Caleb said he had to wait in the Storage Room on Saturday night while that super long PoV competition was going on.  He told Production how cruel that was, since he was a Have Not, and they said they didn't think about that, and were sorry.)

The following four pictures are from yesterday afternoon.

Derrick stared at his daughter Tenley's footprints that he got in his HoH room, and was probably trying to have a few moments alone to reflect.

But of course Victoria was there, laying next to him and chattering non-stop.  He really is a good listener, and rarely seems irritated or annoyed.  All of that patience is paying off, though, and will continue to reap dividends.  Because Victoria will basically do anything in the game that Derrick tells her to do, and represents a solid vote for him to win at the end.

Or maybe all the votes if Derrick is in the Final Two with Victoria....

Derrick told Cody last night that when Victoria really gets going with the chatter he wants to kill himself, but he will not talk smack about her in front of Frankie because Frankie will run and tell Victoria immediately.

Derrick:  I really miss my family.

Victoria:  ***crickets***

Victoria also whined in the kitchen with Jocosta, about the same old shit---being nominated every week, no one giving her credit for her competition wins, etc.

Jocosta tried to pump her up with some inspirational ideas, and pointed out that at least Victoria had never faced elimination on Thursday, gently hinting that maybe Victoria should think about other people and STFU.  But she didn't say that part, of course.

Jocosta did some general cleaning in the kitchen, but refused to wash some of the dishes, saying she keeps washing dishes and she's tired of it.  I'm guessing many of the dishes relate to Frankie's slop cooking.  I think he's used to having a house keeper in Los Angeles, and Amber in the BB house.   So now there is a big mess.

The house was empty much of the day on Monday, as most people slept in...and in...and on and on.  Jocosta walked through the house saying how boring everyone was..all they wanted to do was sleep.

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