Friday, August 29, 2014

Christine Thinks Frankie's Sister's Fans Will Help Him. (Oh, the Irony.) #BB16

Caleb goes up to his HoH room after the harrowing task of picking the Have Nots.  Cody is enjoying Caleb's Florida Georgia Line CD and cracks open a cold can of Monster.

Cody: good.  It's so nice to have that again.  I'm gonna be off the wall now.

Caleb:  Yeah, you're not used to it anymore.

Caleb discusses different options for his nominations.  He has a speech planned for Christine that is based on him not trusting her after what Nicole told him last night, but Cody puts the brakes on that.

Cody:  Don't say that....she'll think she is your target...

Caleb thinks he will say something like, "I hope you win the PoV to save yourself and be the reason why Nicole leaves the house again".  They saw Christine coming up the stairs and Caleb wondered if he should tell her now....should they both tell her now?

Christine came up for some Neosporin, not to chat.  Frankie was allowed for some reason to bring a whole pharmacy with him into the house.  She stuck her head in the bathroom and asked Frankie for it.  While she did that, Cody and Caleb decided to wait it out and tell her about the nomination just before the ceremony. Christine cut her finger during the comp and showed the boys.  It feels better now, with the Neosporin.

Right after Christine left the room, they started talking again and then Caleb saw Victoria on the Spy Screen, coming up the stairs.

Cody:  God!  Can't we have one fucking conversation for over one minute without her coming up here?

Caleb: Maybe I can say that I just need some time to talk to you...

They watch Victoria trudge slowly across the loft, moving in pain from last night.

Cody:  Well, not now....that she went to all of that to come up here.

Victoria came in and said she's barely slept.  Caleb says every time he moved in his sleep he felt sharp pains. Caleb told her he almost put her in the Have Not room and she just can't believe that.

Caleb:  Well, I just thought who wants to hang around with Derrick all the time and you're the one I thought of!  You like being around him so much...

Derrick:  Oh, I think everyone would like to be around me all of the time...

Caleb, flirting a little:  And you'd be in there with Derrick and hear Big Brother holla at him...Hey Dad Bot..and you'd like it.

Derrick asks BB for a holla, and they give him one.

Derrick:  Can I get a Dad Bot?


Derrick:  Oh well.

BB:  Hey D Boom!

Derrick says that's a new one, but he likes it.  The shout outs aren't too bad....I'm glad they aren't shrill or too loud.

Frankie was GOING OFF about Christine, still angry that she pointed at him as someone who should be a Have Not.

Frankie:  I'm so OH VAH her.  I'm over her!

Just then Christine comes in the room, and she's got to know how silent the room got. She awkwardly waved and then moved quickly to sit down.  She reports that Nicole isn't complaining out there...she's just a little sad about it.

I think I just saw Derrick scratch his balls.  Just thought you might like to know.

Oh ha ha. Now they talk about how Frankie will make America's Player.

Christine:  From your sister's'll make it.

Frankie:  I just feel like every time we discuss shit like this, they do something to change it.

Derrick: There might not even be an America's Favorite Player.

Frankie jerks his head back in shock and we get FISH.

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