Sunday, August 10, 2014

Behold the PoZ - Power of Zach #BB16

Shortly after 6:00 pm BBT, the PoV competition got started.  They don't just run out there and play..they all have to get into costume and then get some instructions from Production.  It looks fast on TV, but in reality the whole process usually takes at least two hours.

Around 8:30 pm BBT, the live feeds returned, and it is clear there was a Hawaiiin theme.  So when you see the house guests wearing Hawaiian shirts, you'll know where they came from.

Nicole trudged down the hallway to the bathroom silently, all alone. Chances are she didn't win the PoV, right?

Derrick scrubbed furiously at what looks like a laminated cardboard cut-out of some fruity tropical drinks.  So we know Derrick didn't win the PoV.

In the bathroom Zach is obviously turnt up, being loud and Zach-like.  Cody is in the shower stall with the door Cody naked?  He didn't play in the PoV (Cody NEVER gets picked to play the PoV.), so I'm not sure why he needs to clean himself off right now.

Zach:  That was the funnest competition we've had all summer!

(Yes, Zach won the PoV!)

Caleb wonders if everybody saw how he "flipped over the thing".

Zach:  And me and you, wrestling under the bridge?  I wish they had a GoPro camera on us for that!

Caleb:  Dude!  I grabbed your head and was just punching it!

Zach:  We were just going at it!

They all laugh, and Nicole giggles. Christine is surrounded by Man Meat.  It's like a ManWich in there.

If Zach won, that means Donny lost, but he is smiling as he trudges back to the bathroom.  I think Frankie is wearing a grass skirt--he didn't play for PoV though. 

Frankie says Nicole gets the prize for the worst fall out there.  He says it was "ass, head, then shoulders".  Nicole says no, it didn't hurt though.

Nicole's upset, ya'll.  She is worried that her friend Christine is going to put her on the block during Monday's PoV ceremony.  (Technically that is not a "Backdoor" since Nicole got to play for the PoV, but I know that phrase will be used incorrectly all over the freaking internet and there is nothing I can do about it.)

I think it was the OTEV competition!  Zach says he "knew where every one of them was" and they mention having to look "under the bridge" for some of the pieces.

(With the OTEV competition, they have to listen to clues from OTEV and then there is a mad dash down some sort of hill to find the answer on game pieces that are hidden on an obstacle course.  Once you find it, you must get back up the hill as quickly as you can.  The last person to get back up the hill with the correct game piece is eliminated each round.  Kind of like musical chairs...if you don't have a seat, you're out.)

The OTEV competition definitely favors the stronger, taller men, because it is usually very difficult to get back up the hill.  Sometimes it is slippery, sometimes there is water rushing down, and there is always someone trying to shove you out of the way.  The OTEV competition is perfect for someone like Frank Eudy or Brendon Villegas...being strong is great, but being tall enough to get up that hill the quickest is important, too.

Zach:  I'm going to go eat some peanut butter.

Caleb: Lucky bastard.

(The Have Nots can eat peanut butter this week, so they are all lucky bastards in my book.  You can read about that here.)

Somehow "Banana Zacharies" played into this. You know, like a takeoff on Banana Daquiries.  Victoria was the host for the competition.  She's not too happy now....she's worried about going up on the block, too.  She's been nominated for eviction plenty of times, but she always manages to get take off before the live show.  Maybe not this time.

Actually, I think Christine wants Donny gone, so she should put up someone next to him who will ensure that Donny goes.  I'm thinking Cody or Derrick will get their chance....just a guess.   And Derrick does't hug and stoke and roll around with Christine, so maybe he'll be the one..

Only Caleb and Frankie are safe at this point, and Zach now too.  Everyone else is probably shitting bricks right about now.  (Even though I do think everyone will vote out Donny since they wouldn't want to sit next to him in the Final Two.)

Donny is the shower stall, behind those blue towels.  It's quiet in the bathroom now...everybody left the room a few moments ago.  Dead Man Walking, unfortunately for him.

Yes, here is Caleb holding his puzzle piece--they always try to grab their own named pieces to take home as souvenirs.  Derrick chatters excitedly about how "Paola and Hayden were in the dirt".

Caleb:  I seen two Paolas over there in the corner.

Caleb and Derrick hold up their pieces to the camera, but not the one facing us, unfortunately.

Derrick: OTEV baby..and we got to play in it.

(OTEV is just VETO spelled backwards.  OTEV has been a space alien, a giant "Broadway" clam....the set is always a little different, but the competition is a Big Brother classic and the main objectives are always the same.)

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