Friday, August 29, 2014

Beast Mode Snowman #BB16

Frankie was close, and Christine was a little closer.

But Caleb was the closest.  Each time, he tried to touch the coal, and had to keep going back.

Cody:  Let's go Beast Mode!

Finally Caleb grabbed the coal and fell on the ground.  Caleb won HoH.

Frankie ran right over to embrace Caleb.

Frankie:  I love you!  You are so amazing!

Caleb:  I'm hurtin' knee is hurtin'...

Frankie:  I'll rub it later...upstairs.

Look at Frankie in the picture below...he's laying right on top of Caleb!

Nicole:  I can't go over and hug him...I can't even move...can someone throw me a rope?


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