Saturday, August 2, 2014

Battle of the Block Aftermath - Adam & Eve Assimilate #BB16

Caleb and Victoria have been in their Adam and Even costumes for about 10 minutes now, and are settling down on the couch.  It's going to be a long 48 hours for them.  Right now everything is new and people are laughing about it, but this is going to be a big week in the game whether they realize it or not.

If Caleb or Victoria gets picked to play PoV, they can shed the costume so it doesn't compromise their performance.

(There have been quite a few conversations about using the PoV to get Frankie up on the block this week.  This blindside would be delicious for let's keep that in mind as we watch the action.)

I'm sure CBS had a few house guests in mind when they designed that Adam costume, right?

Victoria says she is wearing two bikini tops---I assume one of them is just green, and the other is covered with leaves, which she reports are already falling off.  Derrick says it looks just like a bathing suit.  The house guests wondered what Victoria's family will think when they see this, and she says she worries about her father.

(The costume is one thing, but having to be chained to Caleb for 48 hours is quite another for Daddy, I'm sure.)

Hayden squeezes in  between Caleb and Victoria on the couch and asks "what are we dong tonight?" and it's funny.  Caleb and Victoria are going to sleep in the HoH room tonight with Nicole so they are more comfortable.

I'm sure Victoria's dad would be happy about Nicole being a chaperone.

Thank God Donny wasn't in contention for the costume, right?   He's not HoH anymore, but he got his HoH swag and a letter from Kristine, so I'm sure he's happy.  He knows he's safe this week, and if the blindside goes down the blood won't be on his hands.

Donny jokes about which of them will walk up the stairs first.  Caleb says he will, and then they say they will walk up side by side.

(How fucking EPIC would it be if Caleb develops an obsession with Victoria this week?)

They had to explain to Jocosta about walking up the stairs...the whole butt situation and she still doesn't seem to get it.  Cody wondered about the shower situation---did BB explain to them how it will work?

Caleb:  We just have to do whatever we have to do...just like this.

Donny points out they can use the shower curtain downstairs for privacy, and then someone points out the HoH shower has two heads.

Caleb:  Yeah, so we can both shower together...what, you didn't think Adam and Eve showered together?

Victoria:  Oh my gosh Caleb.

Caleb:  You can wash my back, and I'll wash yours.  Wax on, wax off....

Victoria:  Caleb I really don't mind showering with you if we wear bathing suits..

Cody:  Nicole, I wish we had that costume together...I do...

Someone makes porn music sounds and they all laugh.  Caleb sings a few bars of an old soul song that is sexy and it is funny.

Someone asked them how they got dressed in the DR.

Caleb:  Dude, we literally had to get butt naked in there...

Victoria: My clothes are still in there..

Caleb:  They said they'd turn the camera, but I said there are still cats in both of these windows, and she was like, "we've turned the cameras off, and no one is watching you" and I was like Dude...


They discuss Caleb's upcoming head-shaving (another BoB punishment) and Caleb says he will look like a walking Q-Tip.

Frankie:  A HOT walking Q-Tip.

Caleb, irritated:  Dude, don't go there with me.

Frankie:  Too soon...

Caleb: I'm gonna look like Pinky & The Brain.

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