Monday, August 4, 2014

Assorted Bits and Pieces, With a Focus on Footwear #BB16

Zach's pancake was not very attractive this morning, but he ate it anyway.  Even ugly pancakes are tasty, of course.  Caleb sat and ate his slop next to Zach this morning, and tried to get something going with him by saying he bet his slop tasted better than the pancake.

Zach:  Yeah.

This is Sad Zach this morning.  Maybe that's a strategy?  Probably not.

Nicole came downstairs and Frankie yelled out that he loves that color on her. Caleb did a really loud wolf whistle and Christine made some sort of smart remark.

Nicole: OK're my target today for nomination...oh I forgot you're safe...

They all laughed.  But the truth is often told in jest, as they say.

Caleb is still rocking Amber's bunny slippers.  So funny.

Jocosta is getting ready for the ceremony...she gets a chance to speak, so I can just see the wheels turning in her head now.  I guess.  Who knows, right?

Victoria is getting all tarted up for the ceremony.  Check out these hot shoes.

And the clingy little dress.

The cameras show us Jocosta's Mom Shoes.

Then the cameras go right back over to Victoria's feet.  Of course.

Christine is frustrated with the fit of her beanie today, then gets called to the DR, so the PoV Ceremony is about to go down.

Victoria made a fishtail braid with her hair.  But she didn't do it so we could learn anything, like Aaryn did last year.

Zach seems really bored with it all today, sitting silently while the group chatters around him.

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