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Another Day, Another Clusterf*ck - Sergeant Derrick Reports for Duty #BB16

I am still watching live feed flashbacks from last many twists and turns.  I am just going to try and work through everything.

And it's a lot.

Zach and Donny were thrilled with all of the frozen fish options that they were given to choose from as additional Have Not foods.  Frankie cooked some octopus up on the stove, and they all agreed it was okay.  (Calamari that you get as an appetizer is a whole different story compared to octopus arms with tentacles and all.)

But there were fish balls and fish sticks, and several other processed fish options that I couldn't really identify, even after seeing the packages on camera.  Zach came in the kitchen and Donny was chattering a mile a minute about the food.

Donny:  I got some ketchup, and some mayonnaise, and a pickle and made a dipping don't have to do that, but it was good and I ate it up.

That sounded good to Zach.

Christine and Cody were just horsing around, but of course the cameras were right there to catch it.

Those cameras are so shady sometimes.

Zach and Cody had a fun little meeting where Zach filled him in on what a dirtbag Frankie is, and how he's still lying every time he opens his mouth.

Cody:  Dude, I tried to tell you!

Right in the middle of their chat, when they were totally slamming Frankie, he came bouncing in the room and Cody quickly changed the topic of conversation to how crappy it is to stay in the Have Not room.  Frankie just jumped on one of the beds and settled down like he owned the place.  Of course.

Cody:  You should put as much on the bed as possible, Zach, to make it comfortable.  But be careful, because "they" called me in there and told me I had too much stuff on the bed, and to take it off.

Zach:  Well, thanks for putting that on blast.

OK.  Now the cluster starts to get fucked, to put it bluntly.  Victoria pulled Zach into the Hive, and was struggling to hold back tears.  Apparently in an earlier conversation, Zach was telling her a lot of information about his game, and in the process mentioned that Derrick was in a five person alliance with him and Christine.

Now that she had time to think about it, she feels very betrayed by Derrick, saying she can hardly stand to look at him anymore.  She has felt very alone in the house, but really thought Derrick was the only person she could turn to, and she thought he had her back.

In Zach's defense, he really tried to calm her down, saying that Derrick has had her back from day one, and she shouldn't feel betrayed at all.  But Victoria is very upset, saying she specifically asked Derrick if he was working with Christine, and he said no.

Zach's tone was very soothing as he said maybe he told her that before they made the alliance, since it was so new, and she was getting all worked up about nothing.  He kept stressing that no matter who Derrick might be working with, he still defended her every chance he got, and Victoria would probably be the last girl in the house.

Zach:  You have to be nice to Derrick now...even nicer...because he's got your back...I promise.  I don't have anyone in here either...I trusted Frankie and he screwed me over...that's the game...

Victoria:  I feel sick.  I can't even look at him right now.

(I think both of them are correct in what they are saying, and Derrick is in for his first Big Trouble of the game right now...)


Zach:  But if he asks you what is wrong, and you tell him, don't tell him I told you...tell him Nicole told you about the Detonators.....he doesn't know that I told her, too.

And now, the fan is so covered with crap after this whole season, I don't know if the shit will even stick to it anymore.  Derrick found out what Victoria had to say, and was LIVID.  At one point he mentioned punching Zach and knocking him out, and Caleb had to tell him that he might lose his stipend if he did that.

(Oh, the irony.....after all of the bodily harm comments Caleb makes on the reg.)

So at about 2:20 am BBT, Derrick asked Christine if he could use her HoH room for a meeting with Nicole, and asked Nicole in a friendly tone to join him up there for a few minutes.

They were barely in the door before Derrick the Cop came out, saying what he had to say would not be nice---it wouldn't be a nice meeting.

Derrick:  I've heard you've been walking around talking a lot of shit about me!

Nicole:  Oh, I think I know exactly what happened.  Why don't you ask Victoria, too?

Derrick:  Oh, I am.  She's next...I don't do the whole group thing.

(That's what cops do on TV...separate the perps and then compare their stories.  I have a friend who does that with her children and it works like a charm.)

Nicole:  I saw Victoria bawling, and I asked her what was wrong, and she said she had just been talking to Zach.

Sergeant Derrick:  That's a good source.

Nicole:  She said, he's been working with..

Sergeant Derrick:  Who's "he"?

Nicole:  You.  You're he.  She told me that you have been lying to her the whole game.  And I was like, "okay"...and I'm not like, very huggy or whatever, so I asked her to say more.

There were several instances of FISH while Nicole was talking, but it was basically Victoria saying she was hurt by Derrick and then Nicole saying that Derrick loves her like a sister and that she must be mistaken.

(Do you think Nicole has EVER been interrogated by the police before?  I'm going to vote "no'.)

Derrick:  Zach did tell Cody that he needed to talk to me right away.  I do have one question for you, because I believe everything you just said..and I hope you know I'm not a bullshitter.

Just then, Victoria knocked at the door and weakly asked Nicole which bed she planned to sleep in.  Nicole told her to wait before she went to bed, and Derrick said he wanted to talk to her next, that he was getting to the bottom of something with Nicole first.  And then he shut the door again.

Derrick:  You know what alliance she's referring to...the one Cody and I told you he's not completely lying about that, because we told him about that because we planned to vote him out that week.

Basically Derrick wanted to know why Nicole didn't say anything to him about it.  She said she was, but it was busy downstairs and he went to the DR, and blah blah blah.  Then Nicole got angry, saying that she's tired of getting thrown under the bus and being an easy target.  She also said she thought Victoria would come talk to him about it.

Nicole:  I was just an innocent person, someone she needed to talk to at that time.  I had nothing to do with it.

Derrick plans to call Zach out, and Nicole says she wants to be in the room, too.

Derrick:  I'm not going to go in the beehive and whisper behind closed doors.  This is your opportunity to see how Derrick does things...this is the first time anything negative like this has happened, and I plan to expose it.  If anyone wants to throw other people under the bus, they need to know this is how I"m going to handle it.  If I go home because of it, so be it.  I'm a little older than you..I don't play that He Said, She Said bullshit.  Victoria is pissing me off...she went to this person and that person instead of talking to me...who knows what she said to Frankie...

Nicole:  Oh no..Frankie.

Derrick ended it on a good note..saying he's her friend and wants her to stay calm about it.

Nicole:  I will be..I didn't do anything wrong.

Derrick:  Well, you and I are fans of this game and we both know what she's talking about isn't even all that bad.  I'm not her boyfriend in here..we're playing a game.

Nicole:  I know.  She thinks to play this game you just have to be loyal to one person, and that's not how this works.

Derrick:  I see her like a little sister.  I have other friends in the house.  I didn't tell her all about that other thing because I don't think she has the capacity to handle it.

(The action continues here.)

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