Thursday, August 28, 2014

And We're Back....Huffing and Puffing #BB16

The scenery and colors are beautiful.  Sounds of extreme huffing and puffing fill the air.

Derrick's center of gravity isn't helping him here.

Victoria does a lot of crawling and has fallen a lot.  But she keeps going.

Even Caleb crawls from time to time.  Frankie is on the right and is not in good camera position. I hear him once in a while saying "Woooo" or "Shit", but otherwise he's in the same hell everyone else is.

 Nicole has good balance, now that she's in a groove.

Even Caleb doesn't show much visual progress with his snowman.  He's working hard...but this is a very long and difficult competition.

Christine glides very gracefully, with good posture.  Derrick asks her how she's doing.

Christine:  I think I'm gonna die.

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