Tuesday, August 26, 2014

All of This And Nothing. (Stray Bits and Pieces.) #BB16

I took these pictures over the last day or so and didn't get a chance to post them.  Fall tax season is cranking up and it's time for me to make the doughnuts.  But I have the feeds on while I work and have been snapping pictures here and there.  And tweeting when I hear something Tweet-worthy.

After the PoV meeting on Monday, Cody chose not to use the PoV, of course, leaving both Donny and Nicole on the block.  In the past 24 hours, Derrick apparently told Donny he didn't have the votes to stay, but the guys all expect Donny to start doing some campaigning later tonight.  Nicole has asked everyone for their vote and they all reassure her that she's staying. She seems to believe them, so I'm not sure she learned her Big Brother lessons the way she should have.

People played pool, and other people sat and watched.

I took this picture of Christine rooting around in a basket under the bathroom sink.  We don't get to see a view of that very often, but with undersink storage like that, why is there always so much crap all over the bathroom sink area?

Zach kept his toothbrush and toothpaste in his luggage in the bedroom, because he thought the bathroom was "gross".  I can't say I blame him.

They did their little show over the weekend.  I watched it, but it was so embarrassing I wore a hat and sunglasses in case anyone was watching.

Frankie is supposed to be either Joey or "Alex", and spent a long time getting ready.

I never saw Joey or Alex wear dress-up Mom shoes like this, but you know how Frankie likes to operate for maximum camera coverage.  Those are actually men's shoes that Frankie brought into the house.

I learned that by watching Frankie teach Zach how to walk in those shoes on one of the Live Feed Highlight Reels hosted by Jeff.

The "show" was horrendous.  Each of them pretended to be an evicted house guest being questioned in the DR and Donny really was the best performer.  He played Devin and used makeup to cover blemishes and said a number of Devin-like phrases.  The house guests were surprised by this and I'm sure there is chatter now about Donny being a trained thespian, too, in addition to an CIA Operative, a Navy Seal, etc.

Victoria's performance was a shocker, as she pretended to be Amber, flaunting her body and putting on quite a display of cleavage. It was rather shocking, for many reasons.  Caleb objected to Victoria's portrayal, saying Amber never walked around touching herself like that, but Victoria argued with him that yes, she did.

I think we will see clips of the "show" on a CBS episode, and we'll vote on whether Team America should get the $5,000 each or not.  They might be really glad Victoria flashed her goodies, let's put it that way, because a vote is a vote.  But it would be funny if America voted the mission a failure, only because Frankie would be so shocked to learn that his sister couldn't save him.  I don't think CBS will let them fail, though, because Donny needs the money.

After the "show" was over, Caleb wanted to do one of his "characters", and it was one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever seen on the live feeds.  His character seemed to be a black prisoner who had a variety of drug and violence issues.  During Caleb's performance, the other house guests were saying things like "this will NEVER be on TV", and Frankie worried that the cameras had already gone to FISH or the backyard.

Then Caleb kind of collapsed on the couch.  I guess displaying poor taste is tiring.

Derrick took a shower in the HoH room last night, with Christine and Frankie standing in there, talking to him.  Christine was mostly watching the fish tank, but Frankie kept asking Derrick to step closer to the glass.

If a man talked to the women this year the way Frankie talks to the guys, TMZ would have enjoyed better Big Brother ratings than they did during BB15.  You know, with the Aaryn Situation and all.

Nicole had a sweet tooth and tried to whip up a pancake with slop and protein powder.  She just really wanted something to eat that she could slather with maple syrup.

She has toothpaste on her face to clear blemishes.  I think Victoria told her about that. Caleb said she looked like an Aborigine, and Cody told her twice to go wash her face.  But as always, I think Nicole is cute as a button.

Frankie tried to help with the pancake, but the nonstick pan in the kitchen is really anything but at this point.  He had a hard time trying to get some air between the pancake and the pan.

I like Cody's shirt---the way it says Cody on his shoulder.  I've never seen one like that--maybe it's a soccer shirt.

FYI, the pancake was awful.  I think Nicole ended up throwing it away.

I just went to the CBS website to see if I could figure out how much money Team America has won to date, and I saw this.  Take a look at the ad on the right...we can win $5,000 a week for life if we watch NBC.  Ha ha.

You'd think CBS would black ads for other networks on their own site, right?

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