Sunday, August 3, 2014

Adam and Eve Had a Rough Night... #BB16

You probably know by now that the PoV competition lasted well over 4 hours last night...but more about that later.

Caleb and Victoria both played in the competition, and were allowed to trade their "fig leaves" for athletic wear, of course.  This is their last day to be chained together, so there is an end in sight.  They slept in the HoH Room with Nicole, so that isn't too bad.

Victoria got called to the DR this morning, so that means Caleb had to walk down there with her.  They were both quiet, walking down there, and to his credit I didn't hear Caleb bitching about it.  He's a good sport, and she seems to be a good sport as well.

Yesterday they got new versions of the costumes, since the leaves on the original costumes started falling off within 10 minutes of putting them on.

Yes, 10 minutes.

These new costumes appear to have leaves made of cloth, which are sewn on to the green bathing suits.

For DR visits, they are required to detach from each other, and one of them has to sit and wait outside the outer door until the other comes out.  As you know from watching the CBS show, there is a little hallway leading to the actual DR door.  They sit outside, in the living room so they can't hear what is said in the DR.

Caleb sat down and was trying to get comfortable, when Victoria came right back out, within a minute.  Caleb was surprised and asked her several times on the way back upstairs what was going on, what did they want in there..

I couldn't hear her answer, but it was some sort of mumbled response that indicated it was about the schedule for today or something.  Whatever she told him, it wasn't the truth.

(The truth being that she went in there to take her Adderall pill.  Duh.)

When they got back upstairs it was Victoria's turn to wait for Caleb, who had to visit the restroom.

And he was in there a long time.  Caleb is not a Have Not this week, but he is on slop as a result of the BoB competition on Friday.  Victoria talked to him a little through the door...his stomach is bothering him and he plans to only eat slop once a day this week.

They actually seem to get along really well.  Victoria doesn't like to be alone, so this situation gives her usual friends a chance to get some breathing space for a change.  (i.e. Derrick)

Victoria has on the Eve wig, but has it back in a pony tail for sleeping purposes, and I guess she borrowed this hat from somebody.  I actually like this look because it gives us an idea of what she would look like with shorter, more normal length hair.  (Rather than her usual way-too-long clip on extensions.)

All that hair just drags her down and gives her overall presentation a heavy look, in my opinion.  You can see from the picture above that she is actually quite petite and has a figure most girls would love to have.

I think a shoulder-length swingy bob (or a "lob") would look great on Victoria and give her more of an updated look.  And save her A LOT of aggravation on a daily basis....


  1. Is it really fair that some HGs are on Adderall? If this Wikipedia description is right -- Adderall[note 1] is a psychostimulant pharmaceutical drug of the phenethylamine class used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Adderall is also used as a performance and cognitive enhancer, and recreationally as an aphrodisiac and euphoriant -- then it doesn't seem fair to the other HG's (IMHO). What are your thoughts?

  2. If they have a prescription, then I guess the DR has to let them take it.

    I have taken one or two (have a friend with a prescription) and it is very much like speed....but maybe it's not like that if you really have ADHD, or whatever it is.

    Aaryn, Amanda, and Devin also took Adderall....maybe more house guests, who knows. A LOT of children are on it..not sure I'd want my kids taking it...


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