Sunday, August 31, 2014

About Last Night....The Afternoon After #BB16

Today is an easy day for the house guests.  No competitions, no pressure.  Nicole probably has plans to work on Caleb in an attempt to get Frankie on the block next to her.  Not sure how successful that would be, but we can hope, right?

The girls are going to get some sun.

Cody made himself some breakfast and got some information About Last Night.

Derrick:  Dude, you passed out and we didn't mess with were out.

Cody:  I think I went to sleep upstairs too.

Derrick:  Yeah, you did.

Cody:  My stomach hurts so bad...

(Should have eaten those late night carbs, Cody.)

Derrick laid on the floor to show Cody exactly how he fell asleep, with his arms in the air.  Derrick needed a hand to get back up, though, due to the lingering HoH comp pains.

Nicole and Christine talked across the back of the yard about blood vessels and other gross topics that skeeve me out.

Christine's husband said that the tattoo on her collarbone says "I am second" and this relates to her religion.  (I googled it to save you the trouble, and you can learn more here.)

Christine and Frankie both loved the wake up music today, but no one else even remembers hearing it.  I think one of the songs was from Pocahantas and Christine wishes all three songs were from Disney films.

Cody is embarrassed About Last Night.  He hates it when he slurs and starts talking in "the drunk voice".

Cody:  I'm self conscious about it even when I'm not on TV...

Frankie tells Cody that he went from "playful to comatose" last night very quickly.

(You can read my recap of the drunken events here.)

Frankie tells him that Victoria made Cody look sober, and this made him feel better.

(But Victoria didn't get really buzzed in an obvious way until Cody was already passed out in La La Land.)

Derrick is obviously trying to think today  (hopefully about BOOTING FRANKIE) but Victoria sits with him and is full of the kind of chatter that probably drives Derrick crazy.

Victoria:  And Christine apparently knows everything about you...

She tells Derrick a rambling tale about doing laundry this morning, and Christine said something like "Derrick's wife doesn't even fold his laundry like he likes it, so you'd better not touch it".

Victoria:  What is she talking about?  I've been doing your laundry for weeks?


Victoria:  She's a motherfucking nasty whore!

(Whoa! Slow down there Victoria.)

Cody reports that the costume is hard to sleep in, because he can't really scratch his dick.

I hope Victoria doesn't look out of the window and see this.

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