Friday, August 29, 2014

A Scoop Short.....So Close But So Far #BB16

Derrick asked Christine, based on her Super Fan experience, wasn't their track tonight longer than any other similar competition?

Derrick:  It ran the entire length of the backyard.

Caleb tries to remember everything his brother said in the video.  (His brother looks just like just know Survivor casting is putting them on the schedule for the 2015 round of Blood vs. Water, right?  What a casting home run that would be, and what a nightmare for the mere humans competing against them.)

Caleb mentions that Donny was bawling when he saw his brother.

Derrick:  Boy, Donny got a cheer and a half when he left...they love him.

Christine's voice sounds hoarse, like she just woke up.  I guess dehydration will do that to you.  Both Caleb and Derrick have sharp pains in their hip flexors.

Derrick:  I didn't even know I had those.  How come nobody else hurts there like we do.

Cody:  Must have been the way you moved.

Caleb:  The pain takes my breath away.

No one's touching anyone tonight.  At least, not yet.  I'm sure Frankie will attach himself to Caleb for the rest of the week, right?

Frankie comes in and is already in trouble for his singing and parading around.  The cameras showed a tight close up of Derrick's face when Frankie came in the room.  He didn't smile, that's for sure.

(Get to work, Derrick.  Make it happen for all of us this week.)

Caleb discusses his slush-scooping strategy.  He wasn't going to go out of his way to scoop the slush, but he noticed that if it was in the scoop, he could carry more than just a level scoop over to his snowman.  Before Frankie joined the group, I heard Cody muttering to Caleb about alerting him to Frankie's strategy, so Caleb could do it, too.

(Yep, the Hit Men need to take aim this week, before it's too late.)

Caleb says the surface goo seems like molasses.  Caleb wanted to keep the shoes they wore as a souvenir but Derrick says that they are ruined after that comp.

Caleb:  I could take 'em in the shower maybe..

Derrick: Did you take the ball though (i.e. the coal)?  That's what you want.  I'll tell them you want that...they said they have...


Christine says when Caleb took his ball out and won, Christine was able to take her's out, too, just seconds after Caleb won.  She says her long fingers helped her grab it and pull it out.

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