Monday, July 28, 2014

Zankie's Plan to Disrupt Today's PoV Ceremony, and Hayden is a Sneaky Bastard #BB16


Let me point out that Team America is encouraging Zach to act out today, since they want a second chance to win $5,000 each this week.  In order to win, a "heated exchange of at least 20 seconds" needs to erupt in either the nomination or PoV ceremony.  And the Team America members can't be part of it---they went in the DR to make sure they understood the rules, and it turns out only one person needs to act up for 20 seconds...and I certainly think Zach has a good 20 seconds in him.  Don't you?

Team America failed the first try, so today's PoV ceremony is their last chance to earn the money.  But Zach knows nothing about this...he just wants to cause a commotion, period.

So you know Hayden won the PoV....some people in the house think he won't use it, to leave nominations the same.  Caleb thinks he will use it to save Jocosta, so that Victoria will be voted out, leaving Amber to run to Caleb for protection this week.  (That is what Caleb hopes will happen.)

But Hayden will use it to save Victoria, and Frankie will then nominate Amber to take her place.

This Zankie conversation took place after 2:00 am BBT, this morning.

Frankie:  I'm just going to say that I got some information recently that I found very disturbing, and that is why I'm making the nomination.  I'll never tell anybody what that means, and people will go crazy.

Zach loves that statement, and thinks it is perfect.  As Hayden closes the PoV box, that is when Zach plans to stand up to make additional comments.  And all of his comments will be directed at Amber, in defense of the way she has treated Caleb in the Big Brother house.

(And another good cliffhanger moment for CBS, on the Wednesday show, right?)

Zach:  But is that a good look for me, defending Caleb?

(Frankie doesn't care how it looks on Zach, really, he just wants to win the Team America challenge.)

Zach doesn't plan to say everything that Caleb suggested, but Frankie stresses that everyone in the house wants this very badly.  Basically Zach is going to tell Amber that she has treated Caleb like shit, not even thanking him for everything that he's done for her, and then talking trash about him to the other house guests.

Frankie:  Let's face it...the only people in this house that we are putting on a show for are Jocosta and Victoria....and Amber.

Frankie:  Everyone else in the house knows what is going on...and why she's going up...Derrick is still concerned about her making up lies about Final Twos and so forth, but it doesn't matter!

(i.e. Derrick wants Amber to think she is staying, so the vote on Thursday shocks her and gives her limited time to do harm.)

Frankie:  Let her blow up her own game....I'm sure she thinks she has Final Four deals with everyone...let her do that...I don't care..

Frankie plans to fake cry later to Amber, saying that the situation is out of his hands now that she's on the block, and he can't even vote to save her.  Frankie didn't want Hayden to tell anybody that he is using the PoV, but he finally agreed that Hayden can tell people only moments before the PoV ceremony, so no one has time to scramble.

Frankie:  Christine and Nicole totally think you did them a huge favor this week...putting them on the block so now they are safe.

Zach confirms that Caleb thinks that it was totally his idea to put Amber on the block.  They both expect the vote to be unanimous to evict Amber.  They know Caleb will be upset but if he is really upset he will just be targeted the following week.

Zach:  Every vote this year has been unanimous, except the one with me and Pao we're not only controlling who goes up, we're controlling the votes, too!

Frankie:  This is only going to get interesting when we get to Jury...because then everyone is going to turn on each other....that is why we need to fucking lock it down...and I need you to go to Christine and make up with her...she's a huge asset to use in the Five (Detonators)..

Zach:  But how?  I don't get it?

Frankie:  We need her to go after the other if you want to go to the end with me, we need her.

Zach:  Oh okay..  I got it..

Frankie:  Because Derrick and Cody will come after me the minute we are down to five....I will be the first target.

Zach has told Frankie about the Three Amigos...Frankie asks if he is even considered the Fourth Amigo...would they keep him until fourth?

Zach:  We haven't got that far...we don't talk about that...

Frankie:  Me and you are the only ones who are planning the entire 90 days!


I don't know about that.  One person developing to be quite the Sneaky Bastard is Hayden Voss.

Yesterday I watched Hayden approach Victoria in the bathroom and he whispered that he was going to save her with the PoV, but she couldn't tell anyone.  They had a big hug and then he walked off.  So she knows..

And I heard Hayden spill his guts to Nicole in the wee hours of the morning.   He told her that he heard a version of Zach's nomination speech beforehand, but he couldn't tell Nicole about it.  She was hurt, but fascinated as Hayden filled her in on all of the gaming he's been involved in.

He also tried to sell Nicole on working with Donny, and potentially even replacing Christine with Donny in their alliance with Cody.  He told Nicole that Donny doesn't trust Derrick, and suspects that he and Frankie are the masterminds of this house.

(I've heard Hayden try to plant seeds of doubt about Christine with Nicole before...for example a few weeks ago he mentioned how Christine acted so worried about being nominated the first two weeks of the game.  Then they found out later that she was in the Bomb Squad, and knew she was safe, but still acted like she was at risk with them.  It was a good point, I have to say.)

Hayden:  I told Donny he is absolutely correct about Derrick and Frankie, but he can't say certain things to people about it.  I basically tell Donny what to say, and what not to say...

(Does Hayden know how close Cody is to Derrick?  If he doesn't, he may be very sorry.)


Also, here is a picture of Henry the Plastic Crab.  Henry was displayed with the Have Not foods this week and Zach wondered if they could keep him, if he could take him home.

Zach:  Is that selfish?

They put Henry behind the staircase, in some sort of habitat.  Maybe Zach is hoping everyone else will forget about Henry, so he can adopt him later.


In case you are wondering, here are the three "channels" that the HoH can view on the Spy Screen.  Big Brother introduced this concept in either the 3rd or 4th season, and didn't tell the HoH about it. They just had to figure it out. In the early days, the HoH could only watch the Spy Screen for up to 30 minutes each day, but they dropped that rule years ago.


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