Sunday, July 27, 2014

Zankie Says Goodnight #BB16

OK, last night some big events happened in the Big Brother house.  I want to get to everything so that we are all well-informed.


While searching the Flashbacks for what I was looking for, I ended up watching Zach and Frankie have a "bedtime chat", turn out the lights, and then fall asleep.   I am not a Zankie Fangirl, but I am a Zach fan and can appreciate what Frankie has done in this game.

I will present the facts and then add some commentary at the end.


Frankie and Zach both sat in the HoH bed and summarized how great their game is going.  They apparently had gone through each person and how they expect each week to go until the end of the game, when they are left in the Final Two seats.  A few highlights:

*  Frankie said it would either be the two of them with Christine in the Final Three, or the Final Three would be Zach, Cody and Derrick based on the various scenarios.

*  The discussed sending Cody home in the #4 spot.

*  Zach envisioned a scenario where he and Frankie would be with Derrick in the Final Three, and then he would have to stand up and tell Derrick that he and Frankie had a Final Two day since the third day in the house.

*  Zach and Frankie both congratulated Zach on how great he was today in the game (more on that later....I think it was pretty great).

*  Zach said he was tired and would fall asleep in about two minutes.  Frankie frantically searched for his "turban" (really a bandanna) so he could sleep with it over his eyes.  Zach helped him find it, and then got him a bottle of water from the fridge.  Frankie said "whatever would I do without you Zach?"

At this point, they turned out the lights.

Zach then said "who wants a backrub?"  Frankie rolled over to give Zach a backrub, but Zach said he didn't need one, and would give Frankie a backrub.  Zach said it actually helped him fall asleep to do it.

I closely watched this, and I would not really call it a backrub.  It was more of a light stroke across Frankie's back, kind of an absent-minded type of thing.

Then they ended up going off on another "we are so great at this game" tangent, which led to Frankie rolling over and giving Zach a kiss on the side of his head.

Here is the kiss.

Zach:  We really are great friends.

They went on an on about being great friends after the game, and how well they are matched to play Big Brother.  Zach is able to act out in ways that Frankie can't do, and Frankie tries to keep Zach in check.

They agree they are the perfect cover for each other in the game.

Zach:  Too bad I'm not gay, though.

Frankie: Oh, it would be perfect!  It would be the best sex you've ever had!

They both laugh.

Frankie:  Can you imagine if we were really hooking up in here?  What they would say downstairs?

They both laugh some more.

Frankie:  You just keep thinking about it...

No comment from Zach.

Frankie want's to meet Zach's "Little Broski" after the game. Zach says he can't wait for Frankie to meet him, and then the three of them can play golf together.  Frankie says Zach can meet his little sister, too.

They think "Team Zankie" is the best thing ever and that the fans are probably hash-tagging it like crazy.

The conversation trailed off, and they both went to sleep.  For real.  Someone started snoring lightly and at one point Frankie blurted out a semi-word in his sleep.

I point this out because on some Big Brother websites they think there is a huge conspiracy about Production not showing us what is going on in the HoH room at night this there is some big orgy going on up there.

OK.  Now my comments:

1.  Game wise, I'm kind of surprised that Frankie is about to take the step to backdoor Amber.  That has been the plan all along, but I can't believe Frankie didn't try harder to make sure Zach was the final HoH this week.  Frankie chose his nominations first, I think, but he chose the weaker team of Victoria and Jocosta.

2.  Because Frankie's game is going to be out in the open after putting Amber on the block Monday morning.  He pretends to be good friends with Amber, but yet he is going to backdoor her.  Yes, they have been working diligently to be sure Caleb is on board with the plan (more on that later) but if he tries to blame the move on Caleb, wouldn't that indicate that he is in an alliance with Caleb?  And wouldn't that be bad?

3.  The two of them are just a little too pleased with their games at this point.  When you get too comfortable, that is when your game is in jeopardy.  It won't happen soon, but it will happen.

4.  And is Zach gay?  With all of the "I love you" babble and "you're the greatest" declarations I would think Zach would be comfortable just coming out with it at this point.  He's got to know that his family (including his Little Broski) is watching all of this, so I don't understand him keeping up the charade of being straight if indeed he might be gay.

5.  In fact, if Zach was trying to pretend not to be gay, none of this Zankie business would be happening at all.  This sort of thing is the last thing that would be happening.

Right?  Or am I looking at this the wrong way?

Maybe I just love Zach (which I do) and think he could do much, much better if he actually was gay (he can).


  1. I would like to believe that Zach is not gay, but is able to have a close friendship with someone who is... like Matt and Ragan, because gay or straight, people are people, love is love, and love is beautiful. That's the world I want my son's to grow up in. With that said, I have no fucking idea if Zach is gay, but I really don't give a fuck either way. Zach, Frankie, and Derrick are playing such a fantastic game, and this is turning out to be a great season. One of the best.

  2. In any case, Zach certainly doesn't appear to have a very high opinion of women.

  3. You could say the same thing about a lot of straight guys, too.

    Caleb, for one.

  4. Not that it matters but I really don't think Zach is gay. As the other commenter said, people love people and we all like to belong. I think it's just a really great bromance. For Zach, if he is straight, I think it's almost like having a really close best friend. He seems like a great person who is open minded, and his random outbursts do make for great entertainment! I think he's hilarious in a jokingly obnoxious way. Zach is my favourite but that doesn't necessarily mean I want him to be the winner. That's Derrick's position:)


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