Monday, July 7, 2014

Zach's Speech Rocks the Foundation #BB16

Zach is in a jubilant mood.  He stayed up all night with Cody and Brittany, and then finally ate some slop in the form of a pancake a few hours ago.

Then he went into the PoV meeting and BLASTED Devin.  From what I could gather, he threw Caleb and Frankie under the bus, probably letting Devin know that they were also guilty of talking trash about Devin.

Paolo lost her cool after Zach called her a liar.  She claims that Devin asked her to throw the PoV and he would save her.  She is pissed now because she says she didn't throw it, but Devin didn't save her with the PoV even though he got the result he wanted.

I'm jumping around from Camera to Camera so I can get a flavor for what the impact of all of this is.

Derrick is sporting a different look today, and says that the only regret he has about Zach's actions is that they won't be able to air all of it, due to the profanity.

Derrick:  Otherwise, they would have shown that whole thing....

Apparently Zach gave a shout out to "Gator Nation" and Derrick chuckles about this.

Zach is telling everyone Devin is a lying sack of shit.

Zach:  What a fucking joke he is...calling a fucking house meeting and crying about his fucking integrity!

In The Hive, Caleb and Cody spoke with Frankie, who is still affecting the "hurt little boy" persona.  Apparently Frankie asked Cody if it is true that he and Derrick didn't trust him, anyway.

Cody:  I can't recall saying that specifically....there have been a lot of conversations...

I don't know what Nicole had to say, but I know her fans like to see her, so here she is.  I think I heard her cursing, though, which is great.

Paola is venting with Brttany, saying that she's going home now, and that it isn't fair, blah blah blah.

I have to say Brittany has balls, man, to have the confidence to stroll around in a bikini like that, in front of all of these young girls.  She puts most of them to shame, I have to say.

Back in The Hive, Frankie and Caleb are alone and Frankie asks what are we going to do now?

Caleb:  Oh, he'll get his...Zach just pissed me off...and he'll know...he's going to have to beat me in something to get me out of here.

Frankie:  We have to figure out a way to get him out this week though.

Caleb:  And Zach started bringing in his daughter, and all of the pills he's's just all too much.

(I am literally shaking with laughter as I type.)

Caleb:  I don't want him to talk to me....I don't want him to look at me...

Frankie gets up to leave, and then this happens.

Caleb:  I confronted Amber, too....

(OMG I wish we could see the whole PoV meeting but we never will.....)

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