Sunday, July 6, 2014

Zach Vents, Makes Plans for Devin #BB16

Zach and Frankie are the only ones awake this morning.  Zach has been up all night and is going over the previous night's events over and over.

Zach says he hates Devin, and is going to hold a house meeting to tell him what a retarded piece of shit he is.

Zach:  I'm sorry...I didn't mean to say that word...

Frankie:  Please wait until after the PoV meeting to do that, please.  

They joke about Frankie stating at the end of the ceremony that Zach has something to say.

Zach provides several examples of offensive declarations he can make to state what a horrible excuse for a human being Devin is.

Frankie:  All you need to do is say he's a bad father...

Frankie suggests saying something like "for someone who wants to play this game with honor and integrity, if this is the example you are setting for your daughter, then you will be the worst father in the world".

Zach loves this, adding "your daughter is ashamed of you!"

Zach wants Devin to punch him.  Because Devin's moods shift so quickly, he wants to wait until Devin is in a down state to make a comment designed to get Devin to punch him.

Zach:  Just one punch to the face...and I'll take it like a man.

Zach says he will go in the DR and tell them to get the "Trank Gun" ready.

(He means Tranquilizer Darts---like they used to use on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.)

They say that Victoria had the same strategy---to get Devin to hit her.  They say horrible things about Pao Pao, too, because she swore on "her mom's grave" and they later found out that her Mom is alive, but her father is dead.

Zach:  Maybe she got her parents mixed up...Pao Pao...what a fucking joke!

Frankie made a bowl of cereal, and they went back outside.

While they lifted up the shades for the day, Frankie told Zach that he thinks Devin will use the PoV to save Brittany.  Zach was shocked by this, saying that Brittany didn't think he would.

Sidebar Comment:

When Brittany talked to Devin late last night for hours, she actually gave Devin some great advice about how to use the PoV on her and still save face.

Brittany:  You can tell everybody that you want me gone, however you know the house is not in favor of that, so are you are using the PoV as some sort of democratic gesture.'re just thinking way, way, way too far down the road.

(What a fucking imbecile this guy is.)

End of Sidebar Comment

Zach:  Watch two fucking people like...Hayden or Nicole win this fucking game...

Frankie:  Nope.  Not going to happen..

Frankie asked what Zach would do if he gets backdoored tomorrow.  They discuss the merits and risks of blowing up the Bomb Squad, but Frankie assures him that he will not be voted out.


  1. Just when I thought I couldn't love Zach more. He's so dastardly and delicious. I wish he'd set his sights on Caleb though, because Devin is already everyone's next target.

  2. Zach has been saying that if he stirs up shit and goes home next week, he'll be just as happy as if he wins the game. (I'm sure he will rethink that statement after a few hour's sleep.)

    He wants to "confess" to Cody and Hayden that on Day #2 Caleb and Devin approached him to join an alliance called the Bomb Squad, along with Paola and Amber. He would say he's had a change of heart now that he sees what those people are all about, beg forgiveness, and they could then join up and go after Caleb and Devin.

    Not sure that would actually happen, but it was an interesting idea.

    Cody is really pissed at Caleb, though. And as sweet an angel as he is, when he gets mad he sees red.

  3. Am I crazy, or does Devin seem like an a fake BB player? I've never seen one person try to stir up so much awkward craziness in house. Bringing Christine and Amber in to the alliance? It was such a random odd choice. I always knew BB faked some of the competitions, but there must be rules about having a fake competitor...correct?

  4. Rita I thought we were being Punk'd at one point, but I think what you see with Devin is what you get. Clearly he is mentally ill and is not being medicated properly. A rational human being who is educated like Devin is would not act this way---going from one extreme to another.

    Having said that, I'm hoping Zach stays on Thursday and and Devin FLIPS out.


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