Monday, July 7, 2014

Zach Takes a Seat #BB16

As expected, Devin used his PoV to remove Britney from the block, and replaced her with Zach Rance.

FYI:  Zach wanted Devin to put him on the block, so that he could put the Bomb Squad on blast.

And it sounds like the Bomb Squad blew the fuck up.

Jocosta was surprised to hear Devin say that Zach told him he wanted to go home.  Zach told her that he told Devin that so he would nominate him, so he could expose the lies.

Poala wonders if all of that is going to be on TV.

Jocosta:  Yes, Girl!

I'm sure Jocosta is loving all of this because she hasn't had to do one thing yet.  (Don't forget that Andy Herren was barely on the CBS show for at least a month last year...)

Frankie is very upset, saying that Zach threw him under the bus during his speech.  He doesn't even want to talk to Zach right now.  Ordinarily I would be overjoyed at this news, but I wonder how the  (Damn) America's Team is going to interfere with Frankie getting what should be coming to him.

Frankie:  I was your friend...I had your back...

Zach:  I'm still your friend.  I still have your back...If you get to the end you're getting my vote.

Frankie:  But Cody and Derrick won't even fucking look at me...

Zach:  They didn't trust you any way...believe me, nothing got broken there...

As Frankie left the room Brittany was coming in a bright pink bikini and Frankie put on a little show for her.

Frankie, in a small voice:  I just don't understand why you did that...

Zach apologizes if it came off the wrong way, and says he threw Caleb under the bus, too.

Paola and Zach met in the storage room and we finally get to see the firey spitfire that we've been waiting for.  She was all pumped up and cursing about Devin.  During her speech, she made a comment about how she'd rather go stick her head in that fake toilet then to spend another day with Devin in the Big Brother house.

Paola:  Should we throw away his protein powder?

Zach:  No.  Because I'm a Have Not and I need that this week.

Paolo:  Oh

As they left the room they were hugging and Zach said to please campaign for him to stay this week.

Zach:  I'll fucking put you on blast on my Facebook...I'm coming to all of your shows.

No sign of Devin or Caleb on the live feeds yet..

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