Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Zach Snack Attack #BB16

Who can eat like this at 5:30 in the morning?

Amber was in the room with them, and after she left they went on an anti-Caleb rant, saying what an idiot he is, all the while plowing through a bag of chips.

They were calling Amber "Ber" and said she was hot.

Cody:  She's allright.  She's got a good body...

Cody wants to be the one to get Caleb out.  Zach says you can vote him out, but that's not good enough for Cody.

Cody:  Nope.  Maybe it's just my ego, but I want to be the one to get him out.

Frankie:  Caleb told me that he can't wait to be in the Jury House with Amber, because once they are there with no cameras, he thinks Amber will really open up to him...

They all crack up.  Caleb only cares about Amber, and no one else, and they know that.

Zach takes some grimy bottle of something or other from Frankie, and digs his fingers in the cloudy water.  Gross.

They think they need to get Caleb out of the game before Amber, because once she leaves he might be so fueled with rage that he is impossible to beat.

Cody had the jar in his hands, and looked like he was about to leave the room, but Zach grabbed it from him and started digging around in there.  Note that this is after eating chips and licking his fingers.

That house is just a sea of bacteria and dead skin at this point.

Zach went over to the table and started plowing through the snacks there, too, after getting Cody's permission.  In the picture below he is crunching and pouring something straight into his mouth.

In this picture he is holding something up, and asking about it,  Frankie said he is going to use that tomorrow to make oatmeal. (?)

Zach summarizes what a rough week Cody has had, bringing up getting kicked in the butt with a size 13 soccer shoe for 24 hours.

Then Cody gets into bed with yet another bag of snacks, and starts plowing through that bag, too.

They start talking about how stupid Caleb is, which is always a fun topic.  Zach and Frankie start telling a story about Anne Frank, and crack up in the middle of it, trying to gain composure so they can tell it to Cody.

Frankie:  ....and I said, that is where Anne Frank lived...and Caleb said 'Frank who?", and then he said he's never read a book in his life and couldn't get through Harry Potter...

Cody laughs about Caleb's ego, and how he says things intentionally to boost it.

Cody:  I told him, yeah, I thought I was going to be the best looking guy in the house, and then you came in and I was like look at this kid...

Frankie confirms that Caleb is beautiful, but dumber than a box of rocks.  Frankie thinks Nicole has America's Favorite in the bag, but Zach thinks he is wrong.  He thinks Donny is a lock for that, but Frankie says the move Nicole made in the PoV will seal the deal.

Zach:  I was talking about that with Caleb today, and told him I think there are probably four people who would be in the running for America's Favorite....Nicole, Donny, Frankie...and then he said that he made a huge move in the game....put his game on the line for a girl, and a lot of people will respect that...

They all crack up.

Cody:  He looks like a fucking idiot...

Frankie:  Vote for America's Stupidest Houseguest...vote 1 for Caleb...

Zach:  And he thinks people are making T-shirts that say Beast Mode Cowboy..

Frankie:  That part is probably true.

Zach:  He is just so full of himself.

Cody:  I....CAN'T.....STAND.....HIM!

Zach:  I'm with you, bro.  And he's blind to it...he has no idea of that dude.

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  1. Well gee, Cody, you had your big chance this week and you chickened out. Brittany wasn't going anywhere special, she was marginalized.


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