Sunday, July 27, 2014

Zach Puts the Attack Down on Caleb #BB16

And Caleb never even saw it coming....

Since Hayden won the PoV yesterday, he plans to use it to save Victoria, which allows Frankie to nominate someone to join Jocosta on the block.  The PoV ceremony will happen on Monday morning, as it usually does.

Frankie planned to backdoor Amber this week, but only if they can get Caleb's blessing.  Or maybe Caleb's agreement is a better way to phrase that.  Frankie has said that if Caleb objects, he will be the one going on the block.

But I can't see that happening.  Caleb is loyal to his alliance and will not put them up. They expect a big physical competition coming up, probably endurance, and the Detonators know Caleb has the heart to hang on until his arms fall off, so they want to keep him until then, at least.

OK.  So their mission is to get Caleb on board with the plan to boot Amber.  And Zach has been dropping little bombs everywhere to get Caleb going.  At 3:00 am BBT, Zach and Caleb are alone in the backyard, playing pool.  Amber is in the kitchen with Nicole, Hayden, Christine and Jocosta, laughing as they clean out the fridge and talk about how people bogart the sliced turkey.

Zach is totally pumping Caleb up about how great he is at pool, and Caleb goes right along with it.

Zach:  Damn, you're fucking running it right now...oh my god..

Caleb brings up Amber, saying she's not in the kitchen anymore.

Zach:  Dude, she literally has no fucking idea what is going on...

Caleb:  What did you say to her?

Zach:  Just what you told me to say...I asked her what is the deal with you and Caleb.  And she said (imitating Amber's voice) I don't know...he's making this way bigger of a deal than it actually is...

Caleb, sternly:  She said that again?

Zach:  Yeah.

Caleb:  'Kay.  And?

Zach:  And I was like, honestly, Caleb and I have gotten to be real good friends in the house, and I talk to him, and honestly he is the one person in this house that you can trust more than anyone....and she was like 'yeah, I know, blah blah blah' and then she said "I don't really need him...I'm here to play my own game".  And that pretty much said it all right there...

Caleb is silent, listening, so Zach kept going.

Zach:...and after that I was like, Caleb is my friend and you aren't really thanking him properly..and she was like "I've been playing my own game this whole time...blah blah blah".  So, I dunno dude.

He taps his pool cue on the table, waiting.

Caleb:  It's cool.  She can play her own game in the hotseat on Thursday.

Zach:  Yup.

Caleb:  We'll see how much she can play on her own then...

Zach:  Right?  That's what I'm sayin'....make her sweat a little bit you know?

Caleb:  I'll send her home.  It don't bother me none!

Caleb, sounding angrier:  Fine.  That's what she thinks?  That she's been playin' her own game!  No you haven't!  You've won one HoH, and been saved by all of us!  You're welcome for bringing you in.

Zach:  And somehow she thinks that she's the reason why Devin is gone, too.

Caleb:  Huh?

Zach:  Yeah.

Caleb:  She had no part in that!

Zach:  Yeah.. she said she's mostly the reason why Devin is gone...she's the first person who stood up to him!

FISH.  Damn.

When the feeds return they continue to discuss putting Amber in the hot seat, and Zach reiterates what he told her about Caleb being the most loyal person in the house.  And they both pile on about how Amber never thanks Caleb for anything.

Caleb:  So honestly, she said nothing good that whole time?

Zach:  Nothing!

Caleb:  Nothing.

Zach:  Nothing!  And I was like, how did the date go?  And she was like "well, it went okay but I don't really like him like that, and I don't want to hurt his feelings..

(Oh boy.)

Caleb:  That's exactly what she said?

Zach:  Dude. Yeah.  So...

Caleb chalks up his stick and mutters "great".

Zach:  So, let's put her in the hot seat bro!  Make her sweat bro!  Because she's blind as a bat dude!  Blind as a fucking bat!

Caleb is so flustered he hit the wrong ball.

Caleb:  You already know that I"m gonna ask her if she said that?

Zach:  Yeah.  And she also said she's gonna try not to talk to you, either.  She said she's a human being and it's not right how you ignore her.

Caleb:  She kind of said the same thing to Cody.

Zach imitates Amber saying this, that she's a human being and all.

Caleb:  Yeah.  I know what time it is...

They set up a new game of pool (Zach:  I'll rack, you crack) and they agree that Zach's conversation with Amber went south.

Caleb:  The last time I took somebody's word for it, I regretted it.  So I'm going to ask her...

Zach: Oh, I think you should have stopped talking to her two weeks ago.  I wouldn't lie to you, but you can ask her...

Caleb:  She can sit in the hot seat then...

(I don't think Caleb has any idea that Amber will be voted out.....I think he thinks putting her on the block will teach her a lesson.)

Now Caleb is stuck on the fact that Amber said he "didn't like him like that", and he goes over all of the moments they shared together, and what she said, and what he said, and then what she said to that...blah blah blah.

Zach says that Amber's been treating him like shit in this house, and he's done more than enough in this house.

Caleb:  It's all gravy...the world knows who I am.

Zach:  Beast mode Cowboy!  Dude, you're going to have girls all over you out there.

Caleb:  Oh, it's just because I'm in this house that I'm attracted to her.

Caleb also said he would never like a girl who didn't "meal plan and worship God".

Meal plan?  WTF?

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