Friday, July 25, 2014

Zach Plans to Attack With His Nominations #BB16

The nomination ceremony is actually happening right now. Zach prepared this morning, and plans to rock his HoH Robe during the ceremony.  He was trying to put his Grandma's refrigerator magnet around his neck with some dental floss, but had some problems with it so I"m not sure if we will see that on TV.

As you know, Team America's challenge is to incite some sort of fight during the nomination or PoV ceremonies this week.  I think they have to "call" the fight ahead of time in the DR, like you have to "call" your pool shot beforehand to make it count.

Zach is going to help them accomplish this, by planning a brutal speech to nominate Nicole and Christine.

He plans to tell Christine that if you look up the word "floater" in the dictionary, you would see a picture of Christine and Jenn City holding hands, because both of them are irrelevant and never get called to the DR.

He's going to go a little easier on Nicole, saying she looked cute in her German-tard but for a Super Fan she was clueless and didn't see this coming.

Frankie and Derrick are both hoping Christine "comes for him" during the ceremony, so they can win their money of course.  Zach seems unconcerned about that, saying they can clear things up with her later.  Derrick recommended that Zach not to get too personal, but to stick to the script.

Earlier this morning, Zach and Frankie kind of discussed what they wanted to do as they got ready for bed.  At the time, Zach kept saying that being HoH is hard.  He really enjoyed hanging out in the HoH room with his friends who won, but having to nominate and strategize is harder than expected.

Zach says Frankie's grandpa looks just like him, and that his grandma is beautiful.  Note the picture next to it with Frankie and his grandpa laying out in the sun, Frankie in a bikini and his grandpa wearing a suit.  Frankie has mentioned this picture several times on the live feeds.

Caleb came in, still clutching that stupid monkey.  WTF?  Why is he carrying that damn thing around?

Caleb is upset about Amber, and is implying he does not like her behavior tonight.  He implies they shouldn't put her on the block, but should target her after the PoV, if possible.

Zach:  Dude, you've been to the moon and back for that girl already...several times.

Caleb:  Not no more, though.

(I've heard that before...)

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  1. So, Zach knows about Team America? Or is Team America getting Zach to start a fight without him knowing?


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