Saturday, July 26, 2014

Zach Makes a Pancake, Discusses Justin Bieber #BB16

Nicole's stomach is bothering her from the slop.  Derrick tells her it will get better, just give it time.  He advises her to have some milk with her slop next time.

(The Have Nots supposedly have extra foods to eat---maybe Production will present them later.  These extra foods were selected last week by the live feeders.)

Zach is at the stove, making himself an M&M pancake.  He and Frankie muttered that the PoV draw couldn't have gone better for them.   Frankie declares that it is "going to be a showdown" and goes over to hug Hayden, who is also playing.

Frankie is humming, and then Zach quotes some lyrics that he said were running through his head that were from a Justin Bieber song.

Zach:  Justin is just about perfect...

Frankie agrees.

Amber is in the kitchen now and consults with Frankie about the tuna he is planning on cooking for dinner.  The fact that it was frozen and was defrosted in the fridge four days ago has been a big topic of conversation.  Is it still okay to eat?  Is it going to make them sick?

(I can't believe no one seems to know that it is the SMELL of fish that tells you if it is fresh or not.  If it smells fishy, don't eat it.  Ask any fishmonger, or whatever they call themselves.)

Meanwhile Zach is committing a cardinal Pancake Sin.  You are never supposed to peek....just look for the bubbles on top and flip it.  Now his pancake will never brown properly, but I'm sure it will be tasty just the same.

Is Frankie's CD a Justin Bieber CD?  Because now Frankie wonders if Zach heard "Die in Your Arms" and Zach says no, but he wants to listen to it.  Frankie is singing, and it looks like Zach is about to make a Major Pancake Move.

Is he gong to flip it?

I'm just praying we don't get FISH right now due to Frankie's singing.

OMG he did it!

Frankie:  That was awesome!

Zach, calmly:  Gotta do it.  It's a big pancake.

Caleb comes over and eyeballs it.  He agrees.

Caleb: It's a huge pancake.

After all of that effort, Zach ended up kind of dumping the pancake on the plate and it folded over on itself like an omelet.

Zach immediately took the hot pan over to the sink to wash it, and it sizzled like crazy when the water hit it.

Amber inspected the pancake, and said it "looked bangin'".  Zach agreed with her assessment.  Amber tells Frankie she is so excited about hosting.

Amber then starts talking game with Frankie, saying that they need to make sure that no one uses the  thePoV to change the nominations, and they need to stay the same.  Frankie gives her the "yes yes" treatment, and adds that only if Donny wins is he really in trouble, because he's the only one Frankie would want to nominate.

Frankie:  It would have been better to have you and Caleb up there playing, but whatever.

(Amber, you in danger girl...)


  1. Reading this while eating my pancake with a big dollop of almond butter...and a huge cup of iced coffee.

  2. Yes. Frankie's cd is Bieber. Two supposedly grown men.....

  3. Does anyone else ever crave the food they eat on Big Brother? I remember one season when the have nots got to eat beef jerky. I had to buy bags of it. Same when they had sea weed, and jelly beans. The dangers of watching the feeds!

    1. Yep, I crave a lot of the food they eat, especially the cheez-its! Those are really hard to come by living in Korea..


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