Thursday, July 10, 2014

Zach Makes Amber Cry #BB16

Last night, just after midnight, Zach asked Christine to meet him in the Storage Room.  I don't know if Frankie was invited, but he tagged along anyway.

The house guests are locked in the house until the live show, so talking outside wasn't an option at this point.  Zach is downright gleeful as he shares his news.

Zach:  I told Amber that everyone thinks she is working with Caleb and Devin, and that everyone is coming after her..and she was like, "what do I do?" and I told her that I've been trying to cover my own ass, so I don't know..

This is the kind of news that Christine likes.  Zach says that Amber got really upset and came in the bathroom where Zach was sitting with Donny and Brittany, and announced she was not working with Caleb.

Zach:  And then Brittany said, 'was that directed at me?' (complete with finger pointing and a head roll)

Zach:  And then she started fake crying, saying that she just wanted to play her own game, and that Caleb likes her, but she doesn't like him...and then Caleb heard her and said 'oh no, my princess is crying'....

Jocosta was in the room with Zach, and was impacted by this somehow.

Christine tells Zach he is a genius, and Frankie wipes his hands all over Zach as he hugs him.

Zach:  So we are all fine now...we don't have to worry about anything!

Christine:  I love you!  This is beautiful!  I went in the room and Jocosta was crying and I was like 'what is this?'

Zach says Derrick told him that Caleb announced that "I just want to let ya'll know that I don't have an alliance with Amber..I'm gonna protect her, but we don't have an alliance..."

Frankie jumps in, adding that Caleb also said "I'm gonna protect Amber and Devin 'til the end of this game.."

Christine:  He' IDIOT!

They all agree this is an amazing development.   Frankie thinks that the show's twist this year is people who are obsessed with the show versus people who have never seen the show.

Frankie: Think about it....eight people were recruited...who had NEVER SEEN THE SHOW! And that's the twist...

Zach:  And Devin is one of them!

Frankie counts out the recruits:  Devin, Caleb, Brittany, Joey..Victoria..

Production doesn't like this part of the discussion, so they nipped it in the bud.

Well, every year I want to see some Dastardly Deeds in the Big Brother house, and Zach is indeed delivering the Dastard this week.

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