Friday, July 25, 2014

Zach Loves the News From Home #BB16

Zach is savoring the newsy tidbits from his HoH letter, written by his brother Peyton.  He's very excited to hear that his brother won a golf tournament.  Zach is literally following Frankie around while he reads his letter, trying to share his family news.

Frankie sarcastically says he's glad his sister has taken up tie dying and beading to cope with her grief.

(Frankie needs to let other people enjoy their family moments without trying to compete with them.  I'm about Grande-ed out at the moment.)

Zach:  The last sentence..lookit big bold letters....I'm so happy you are my real big brother!

(I'll bet he is...Zach is a fucking stud in the DR and Peyton must be the coolest kid on the playground right now.)

Frankie:  I'm so pissed that my sister couldn't figure out to say that in my letter...


Zach's brother also said that "Tiger" is tearing up the house and Zach might have to replace the living room furniture but mom will talk to him about that when he gets home. (Zach has a puppy.)

Zach:  My dog is tearing shit up!  That's awesome...I love to hear that.

Zach also got a refrigerator magnet that has been on his Grandmother's fridge since "before Zach was born".

Zach:  Robin's kitchen...that's my grandma and she's the greatest lady ever.

Zach didn't get the CD he wanted, but it's okay and he says he can't complain.  Zach repeats that he is so happy his brother sent him a letter.

Frankie:  You're brother's the man!

Zach:  He's the man, dude.

Zach stashed his letter over by the headboard. He and Frankie plan to talk about their nomination plans once Frankie spends some time in the bathroom.

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