Thursday, July 3, 2014

Zach: Did That Just Happen? #BB16

Cody won.  And then he lost.  It hurts.

Zach is stunned.  And angry.  Did you see him do the "Gator Chomp" or whatever they call it after he voted?

Devin washed his face and told Caleb that he knew he won on a technicality...he would have come in third based on ability...he just wants to see his daughter's picture.

Christine makes some pleasantries about the competition.  She said she fell on the beam and struggled not to touch the ground.

If anybody should be upset, it should be Hayden.  He was a few feet from hitting the buzzer when he fell off.  Unfortunately he showed how good a player he is, once again.

There was tension in the storage room as people milled around, crunching snacks.

Zach came in the storage room, and as soon as he was alone with Derrick he said "did that just happen?"  He tried to pump Derrick up, saying that two members of the bomb squad are HoH---they are golden, because the deal was that it would be the 8 of them for the first part of the game.

Derrick:  Let's see if he keeps his word..

Frankie came in and there was an exasperated air of What the Fuck?

 Paola came in and they inspected some meat and decided it wasn't fit to eat.

Hmmm.  What's going on here?

Caleb tried to talk to Amber about her nominations---she knows he wants her to put up Donny and Pao Pao, but she doesn't want to put up her friends.  He told her that she wants to nominate people who can lose the Battle of the Block, and then she doesn't have to worry.

Amber:  So then...I wouldn't be the HoH anymore?

There is an uneasy feeling in there now.  The excitement of the live show is over, and the reality of what is coming is setting in.  Cody is in the DR now.

Devin and Caleb sat alone in the living room for a few minutes, and Devin said he already knows who he is putting up.  Caleb described the nomination process, that there would be two eggs to open, and that would decide who gets to make their picks first. Caleb was trying to make the point that the order of who nominates first might make a difference, but I'm not sure Devin got it.

Jocosta wanted to know who hit her with the frisbees.  Devin said he only threw two of them and then stopped.  Jocosta is upset that she didn't get a chance to say hello to her kids.  Apparently the house guests were strictly warned not to give any shout outs when they placed their votes.

Devin said she should follow the rules, but then he and Jocosta went in the storage room to look at the rule book.

They flipped through the rule book and Devin admitted that he didn't even know there was a rule book.  During this discussion, the feeds shut off, and we had to watch Jeff Schroeder's interview with Ian Terry for a few minutes.

Derrick is disappointed in his performance, and is apparently worried about being nominated.  Apparently he fell on the beam and has a few knots on his face or head.  I think his left eye may be swelling up.

He played it off by saying he's taken hits to his face before, and one of them in particular would be gone by tomorrow.

Devin started lecturing the group, saying he's going to tell people why he is nominating them, and said he was wrong to target Donny last week.

Devin:  I thought Donny was like, the twist, and I was just wrong and I admit it.

There was one big run-on sentence about someone saying that Devin "sees food and he eats food" and whoever said that shouldn't be surprised to be nominated, along with all of their friends.

Cody comes out of the DR and they asked him if he got to see the tape of the competition.

Cody:  No, I didn't get to see shit!

He went over and congratulated Devin and said he hoped Devin didn't think he was pissed that he won, he was just disappointed and was on a roller coaster of emotions.

Cody announced there would not be Have Nots for a few days, so everyone guessed they would be picked after the Battle of the Block.

Devin just told Pao Pao she was going up, but it wasn't personal and he wanted the person who would go up next to her to go home.

Devin:  I'm just being real with you, but I want whoever I put up to lose the Battle of the Block so whoever you go up with will go home.

(Is he allowed to tell people he is nominating them?)

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