Sunday, July 20, 2014

Woe is Brittany. Woe is Cody. #BB16

Earlier today Cody and Donny sat outside with Brittany as she kept kicking goals.  She slept until about 8:00 am, she says.  It's hard for Cody to watch this.  He really likes Brittany and knows this week is hell for her.

Plus, I'm sure he could accomplish this task in a fraction of the time, with his many years of soccer experience.

No one can help Brittany shag balls---she has to go get them herself and all of that is taking a toll on her, too.  Donny is trying to offer helpful advice but she answers back in a snappy fashion.  I guess I would too....Donny's "look on the bright side" voice might be a little too much, even though he certainly means well.

Cody just watches in silence.  The count was about 1,058 at this time.

I did a demanding backyard task, excavating a huge plant that died and cleaning up after it.  Then I went to Pike Nursery with my dog to buy a replacement plant.  We had fun shopping, and enjoyed peeing and pooping in a different neighborhood (my dog, that is).  I even planted the new plant, watered and fertilized.

And I came home, and the scene was STILL the same.  Everyone asleep, except for Brittany and Donny.  Donny brought Brittany a container of yogurt and offered words of wisdom.

Donny:  Just pace yourself, and do what you can do.  And if you can't get it all done, you did your best.  I'm sure they'll take that under consideration.

Brittany:  Thank you Donny.

Donny:  Maybe when we get enough people out here, we can sit in the beanbags and keep the ball from goin' behind the hammock for you...

(Go wake them up Donny!  What else do they have to do?)

BB blows the whistle and says "Penalty Kick!"  "Penalty Kick".

Brittany and Donny are silent.  Brittany starts eating a banana and BB has to blow the whistle again.

Here comes Cody, silently dragging ass outside for his Penalty Kicks.

Cody said "this is brutal" and trudged back inside.  He was barely inside when the whistle blew again to come back outside.  And then:

BB:  Brittany!  Ten hours to go!

Brittany:  At least I made it 14 hours...over halfway...

Donny:  It is possible....just pace yourself...don't do any kicks out of frustration..make every kick count.

Cody says nothing to them, and they say nothing to Cody.

Brittany is really hurting.

Donny:  Did the Aleve or Advil help you at all?

Brittany:  Did I take some today?

Amber came out and asked if she was okay, or if she needed anything.  Both questions are probably impossible for Brittany to truthfully answer without bawling.

Brittany:  I'm okay.

Brittany got up and went to retrieve the ball and start kicking again.  The number is now 1238.

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