Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Who Will be the Chicken Fat This Week? #BB16

I told you yesterday about the Chicken Fat song....and Julie told us last week that the Fitness Trackers would be determining who will be the Have Nots next week.

Here are the updates as of July 21st...they are several days behind pulling the information together for the CBS website, but here are the bottom five house guests with the latest information posted.

Couple of interesting notes:

*  As of one day earlier, Brittany was #1 on the list, and only one day later she plummeted to the bottom.  This demonstrates how after she finished her soccer kicks, she has barely moved.  I heard her tell Cody that Big Brother offered to get her a walker, but she declined.  She really wants to walk out of the house in high heels.  And I certainly don't expect her to survive this week's vote, so we need to take her out of the picture to determine who the Have Nots will be.

*  Derrick was in the bottom four yesterday, and on day later pulled out of it.  Anything can happen, really, but since the house guests are expected to be locked in later this afternoon until the live show there probably won't be too much moving going on.

*  What if Cody, Caleb and Amber are all Have Nots next week?  Trapped in that little room together?  Sleep-deprived and starving?

*  I really wanted Frankie to be a Have Not next week.  I know he has issues with his hands, but they can give him mittens or hand warmers to wear.  I just wanted him to lose the ability to drop in on every conversation like he does now. (Yes, I know his grandfather died, but Frankie's life in the game goes on...)

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