Sunday, July 20, 2014

Who Wants to See Nicole's German-tard? #BB16

I'm flashing back to 8:30 pm BBT to get caught up with all of the latest action.

Nicole came bursting out of the DR wearing her new costume for the week.  Her little outfit looks like lederhosen (sp?) with a big sausage suspended on a plastic stick and a huge stein.

Christine:  Oh, you look so cute!

Nicole:  Dude, I've got beer!

Christine:  Do you get to keep those shoes?

Nicole:  These shoes are bomb!

Nicole:  I have to carry these at all times.  I don't like the hat, though.

Frankie comes in whooping and saying that is totally a Peter Pan hat...he has one at home.

Caleb:  You get to drink beer?

(I guess the answer to that is Yes.)

Christine:  You're so cute!  Those boots are awesome!

Every agrees she looks good.  She really does.  Frankie knows the cameras are all over them right now and tries to grab the spotlight by speaking in an annoying German voice.

Christine is totally jonesing on the cute boots that Nicole will be wearing (and keeping), while Frankie goes on and on in his shitty German voice, trying desperately to grab any attention he can.

Christine wants to smell the beer.

So does Victoria.  (I'll have even more to say about her very shortly...)

Zach:  Nicole!  You totally rock the German-tard!  Do you get to refill the stein?

Nicole:  Yeah, they'll give me stuff to refill it with...but I have to carry this stuff at all times.

Nicole went into the backyard to show everybody and Hayden laughed like crazy, saying it was awesome.

I saw Amber slowly stroll to the backyard a few seconds later and realized I didn't hear her say shit about Nicole's cute costume.


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