Thursday, July 3, 2014

What Might Have Been.... Live Show Aftermath #BB16

For some reason Derrick thinks Devin is putting him on the block.  Cody says he better not.

Derrick: If he does...I know I was the first one off..I understand, but I will stand up and tell him as a man if I win the Battle of the Block, I'm coming after him.

Cody agrees.

(That might not be a bad strategy...if Derrick goes on record in the house as Anti-Devin the others might want him to be the one to get him out of the house.)

Brittany has been crying and is in the WC.  Cody mumbled to Derrick that he loves Brittany and knows she is going to feel like this all week...

(I don't think he meant, "love" love, if that's what you are thinking.)

Victoria asked Brittany through the door if she needed anything.  She said no, that she was just blowing her nose and she would be right out.

I'm trying to see the swelling and/or knots on Derrick's head---maybe over his left eye right there?  It sounds like when he fell Devin kicked him in the head without meaning to.

Amber came in and was congratulated by Cody.

Brittany dug around in her make up bag to start freshening up.  She told the guys that she's not trying to be a baby, but she knows exactly what Devin is going to do, because he's so transparent.

Zach burst in railing about hating Victoria.  He said he hates her, she thinks she is better than everyone and he can't stand her.

Zach:  And she never says please or thank you to anybody!

Brittany:  Oh, I know that.  I had to take a minute yesterday with her...I don't think she thinks she's better than everyone..I think that's just the way she is.  I have a friend who is middle eastern and she talks the same way...they just don't know any better, but  I don't think she thinks she's better than anybody.

Brittany:  It's not just me that doesn't like's everyone in this goddamned house...he's going to do the same thing to me that he did to Joey...he'll walk around and order everyone's votes...

Zach:  You have my vote.  And he could still go home this could win Battle of the Block.

Brittany thinks Devin is going to backdoor her, but Zach says he thinks Devin will put up Pao Pao as the pawn and Brittany.

Zach:  If you win the Battle of the Block, you're safe.  And if you lose, we'll vote out Pao Pao.

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