Thursday, July 10, 2014

What the Hell, Derrick #BB16

Derrick just swore Caleb to secrecy about his plan to backdoor Devin.  He told Caleb that he would not discuss it with anyone, not even Cody.

But what is he doing now?  He's telling Zach and Cody, and if I'm not mistaken, there is at least one person in the WC.  And Derrick is not whispering..

Derrick's squad listens intently, taking it all in.  Derrick tells them that Devin asked him to just put him on the block tomorrow.

Zach:  What does he, think you're stupid?

Derrick:  He's going to learn that I'm not stupid..and you have to make nice with him all week.  I mean can't make waves...we almost lost the game last can't do it..

Derrick:  And we'll have plenty of time to talk up's our office now.

Zach and Cody:  Hell yeah!

Victoria comes in and they start a detailed chat about the competition and their scores.  Derrick knew exactly where to aim after seeing Zach hit the ball and bank it off the wall.  Zach just missed so Derrick hit it a little softer and he knew when he hit it that it was a winner..

For once, Cody says he's not sore about losing.  He explains this by saying that there were a lot of scores above his, and he was in the middle, so he wasn't even close to winning.

(And that makes him feel better?)

This is Zach's tank top.  Production recently cleared it and gave it to him, but he didn't want to wear it tonight.  (Not a big fan of that tank top.)

Victoria can't wait to see Derrick's wife.  Derrick can't either, but is just dying to see his little girl.

Derrick has a daughter, you know.

Hayden comes in with pizza and both Derrick and Victoria stare at him.  Zach is so close he can probably smell the tangy sauce.  The Have Nots are starving.

Derrick:  Douche.

Zach says this week was the worst ever, and today was especially tough.

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