Monday, July 28, 2014

Victoria's Real Hair....Continued #BB16

Way back on June 27th, the day the feeds for Big Brother 16 went live, I watched Victoria pull Frankie into The Hive to share confidential information about her hair, or lack of hair, actually.

I wrote a brief summary of that scene here.

Well, this story exploded this week, after Victoria sat on the hammock with Cody during BBAD and confided in him regarding her hair issues.  Cody looked stunned to learn about Victoria's problem, because she really described it like she was bald. (She is far from bald.)

I think her point in telling Cody was to say that Amber knows she wears extensions, but constantly makes catty remarks about girls who wear extensions.  Because it is "I Hate Amber" week in the BB house, apparently.

This BBAD conversation ignited America's interest in Victoria's real hair, which is always covered up.  She goes into the toilet stall to remove and put in her extensions, which are clip-ons.

So I went back and watched the scene with Victoria and Frankie again, and took more pictures of her real hear.  This Flashback is from Friday June 27th, around 5:00 pm BBT.

Frankie made soothing remarks, saying it would take a few months for her hair to come back, and then he asked her how short it is.  She motioned it was shoulder length, and then she showed it to him.

Frankie told her she was beautiful, and stressed he never knew she wore extensions, they look so good.

Victoria said she hated the way her hair looks, and she can't even stand to look at it now.

Victoria:  I've never had such a small bun in my life!

Frankie said it felt really healthy, though.

She was so upset, and said she just had to share with someone.  She was scared to get the "sewn-in" extensions because her friend got those, and all of her hair fell out, too.

All women have their little "things" that bother them, so I can tell Victoria's feelings are genuine here.  But it is almost like an anorexic who looks in the mirror and sees body fat---Victoria's real hair is truly not as horrific as she thinks it is, and is probably healthier and fuller than many other heads of hair.

Maybe this is a lesson to all of us.  Things may not be as bad as we imagine them to be....


  1. Did she say why it happened? was it hair extensions or a health problem or something that put it in bad shape? thanks!

  2. She said she was in the shower and "it all fell out". That doesn't make sense to me, but I think both Frankie and Cody saw how emotional she was about it and didn't press the issue.

    I'm guessing she damaged it and it broke, but what do I know.

    1. I know it has happened but the ones that I know of us from hair remover accidentally used.

  3. Things may not be as bald as we imagine them to be....

  4. eating disorders and a few other diseases will cause hair to fall out also...


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