Saturday, July 19, 2014

Victoria Rafaeli: Little Girl, Big Drama #BB16

So Victoria kind of got called out on the last CBS show for being invisible in the Big Brother house....she strolled out in the backyard all tarted up like a whore at the MGM Grand pool, causing Hayden to ask who she was, what her name was...

But in reality, Victoria's recent activities in the Big Brother house have been some of the juiciest, but I'm doubting much of it is fit for broadcast on the CBS show.  It's a family show, right?

For example:

*  Victoria is known as being totally clingy in the house.  She won't even go in the kitchen alone to eat cereal, begging someone else to do it with her.  Insecure? Co-dependent?  Maybe, maybe not.  She certainly can't sleep alone at night, and until recently was sharing a bed with Frankie in the Fire Room.

I heard Frankie tell Zach that Victoria was "grinding on his dick all night long" and begging to be cuddled so that he could barely sleep.  And then I read today that Hayden told Frankie she did that to him, too, to the point where he wondered if she wanted him to complete the act.

*  Victoria has been all over Derrick since the first week in the game.  She woke him up a few weeks ago to go outside and talk with her, where she told him she usually dates men his age. (You can see that here.)  After the Battle of the Block yesterday, she was in the shower and called out to Derrick, who was at the dining table eating, to bring her her hairbrush.  As a married woman, Jocosta didn't like that, and told Derrick so.  (You can see her conversation with Derrick here....the incident itself was not on camera.)

*  Earlier in the game, Victoria heard Frankie humming an Ariana Grande song and said she loved that song and was a big fan.  And this clip from the CBS show demonstrates that Victoria was onto Frankie.  I mean, he even said his sister's name was "Ari" and he frequently gives "Ari" shout outs while on camera.

* Yesterday, Victoria got called to the DR and came out crying.  From what I could gather from online surfing (Jokers, Morty's) she confided in Zach and said she didn't want "Matt" to get in trouble, or to get fired from his job with BB Production.  The information out there about this is so fragmented that it's hard to get a good feel for the authenticity of it, or even to provide a link for you.  but the timing makes sense because of the baby pictures of Ariana that were included in Frankie's HoH room. Victoria probably wondered why there wasn't a recent picture of Frankie's sister in his HoH room, and got even more suspicious.

As Zach was talking to Victoria while she was crying,  Zach got called to the DR and later told the guys that Production said he couldn't talk about what Victoria told him, and why she was crying, because he was asked not to.


Speculation is that Victoria asked the DR if Frankie was related to Ariana, and "Matt" said yes.  Then the DR people freaked out and are trying to take it back, cover it up, etc.

I don't think anybody would give a shit if Frankie had a famous sister, if he had been honest about it from the start.  He could have painted himself as the unsuccessful older brother of a famous person who wanted to make his own fortune.

But whatever happens, the DR isn't supposed to disclose secrets about the house guests.  They can't ruin somebody's game like that....and if this speculation is true, than "Matt" really fucked up.

Will Production be extra nice to Victoria now? Or will the house guests be urged to vote her out instead of Brittany this week?

What if that happened, and Victoria made a HUGE STINK on her way out of the door?  Like Andrew Gordon did during BB12 when he told everyone he heard Hayden Moss and Kristin Bitting (or whatever her name is) making out every night?

Could be interesting....but also we might never hear or see another word about it....

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  1. Wow - that's the juiciest tid-bit I've seen/read so far. Thanks!


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