Sunday, July 20, 2014

Two Thoughts About Victoria's Diary Room Sessions #BB16

Sometimes watching Big Brother live feeds is all about the little details.  Little things happen every day, and sometimes you don't realize what you saw until you start adding little things up.

I posted yesterday about Victoria's various behaviors that we wont' see on the CBS show, including her coming out of the DR crying, and speculation about what that meant.  (You can see that here, if you haven't already.)

I thought about all of this, and realized two I am sure about, and one that is purely speculation.


Victoria is not the most visible person on the live feeds, but I always see her in the morning putting on all of her makeup with the other girls.  On several occasions, she has been called to the DR first thing in the morning, only to return several minutes later to put on make up.

Victoria:  I told them I needed more time to get they are going to call me back after I get my makeup on.

Everyone always laughs at this, and Frankie sarcastically joked that Victoria is the only house guest who gets a specific call time.  I've even seen some live feeders write funny updates that after all of Victoria's efforts getting dressed and made up, the DR "forgot" to call her back in there.  This all fit in with the "Princess" persona that she affected in the early weeks of the game.

I've been watching the live feeds for years, and I've never seen someone get preferential DR treatment like Victoria does, so I was wondering why she was allowed so much leeway with her schedule.

(I mean, they would tell Janelle during BB14 to come in there in about 20 minutes, but Victoria is no Janelle....)

But then yesterday before the PoV, at 12:09 pm BBT, Victoria is walking through the kitchen and whispers into her microphone.

Victoria:  Can you call me into the DR?  I need to take my Adderall.

OK.  Bingo.  Now I know what has been happening every morning when they call Victoria in the DR quickly---she is taking Adderall.  Just like Devin was.  (And Aaryn..and Amanda...etc etc etc)

I'm not indicting her for this...I'm just pointing out that she does not disclose this to the other house guests.  She doesn't have's a medical situation, but still.


This is the part that is pure speculation.  Yesterday, Victoria was all upset about "Matt" getting in trouble, or "Matt" losing his job.

We all know that Victoria is a very clingy girl.  She doesn't like to go eat cereal unless someone goes with her, and she doesn't like to sleep alone.

And she follows Daddy Derrick around like a shadow, asking for advice and approval.

What if Victoria has developed a sort of crush on "Matt"?  I've heard the girls over the years talk about what they think the DR people look like, and who their favorites are.  But what if Victoria is a little too attached to "Matt".

What if she is inventing things?  All in her head?

Clearly I'm thinking about all of this way too much....or am I?

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  1. I would not be surprised if the BB team try to get the players to crush on them. It would make the players easier to manipulate. I would love to know what goes on behind the scenes of Big Brother. Like having a house of pet humans.


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