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Tuesday's Leftovers #BB16

Once again I have a slew of pictures that I didn't post from yesterday,  I will do that now, along with whatever newsy facts I can remember.

In the last few days, there have been rumblings that Brittany may be targeted to leave the house in Week #2.  But let's face it, things change so fast around there that anything could happen.  Frankie actually kept pushing for Brittany to go up once Donny won the PoV---I think he senses that he can't control her like he can the other girls, and he doesn't want to be the one to evict the single mom.

There were 16 pairs of Big Brother sunglasses in the storage room in the morning.  Jocosta held her's up to the camera and asked all of us if she should break them out now, or wait until later.  Earlier Devin tried his on and they barely fit on his enormous noggin.  He then proceeded to tell everyone in the house that he was going to give them to his daughter....his daughter was going to play with them....over and over and over to every person in the house.

Amber wanted a pink pair, but Jocosta said they were all the same color and that she would have snagged the pink ones first, if they were there.  Some of the house guests were suspicious---what could these free sunglasses mean?  Derrick thought the glasses would have something to do with a competition.

But I suspect CBS is going to sell them, just as they did last year with the HoH robes and water bottles.  Jocosta inspected them and saw the Big Brother logo on the side.

So I'm guessing Big Jeff is going to hawk the sunglasses during his first evictee interview.  Which won't take place until July 11th....whoever gets booted first won't even get to chat with Jeff.

For that reason only, I hope it isn't Pao Pao, because she gave Jeff a lot of shit in their pre-season interview and I know he would love to throw it back at her.  (For example, she called him "old" three times, and "old and fat" at least once.)

I watched for signs of tension between Amber and Devin in the kitchen.  He just sat there and made comments about her cleaning skills.

Amber:  There are sixteen people in here and we all have different ideas about what clean is..

Devin:  Not all of us.....just a few.

Devin is a self-described germophobe, if you don't know.  He also announced that he was waiting for his medication to kick in, and then when it did he crowed about how focused he was, and how sharp mentally.  From what he said, it is clear that Devin takes Adderall daily, but the DR is having him take it after they dispense it, rather than letting them stockpile it in his bedroom like crack (i.e. Amanda Zuckerman).

Being cranked up on Adderall would certainly explain Devin's chronic diarrhea of the mouth, because it can certainly make you chatty.

Amber started to tell a story about how she took it to drive cross-country and Devin interrupted her to say "don't you mean you had a prescription to take it?" and then I knew that Production told the cast that the prescription pill stories were as off-limits as the N-Word this year.

Cody said this week on slop is shrinking his arms down to high school size.

Maybe Jocosta is trying to start a trend.  I would sooner wear a sundress around my neck like a scarf.  Yes, I'm looking at you Caleb.

Caleb wandered around the HoH Suite and looked like he didn't know what to do with himself.  Devin came in and the conversation felt awkward, but maybe that was because Devin was jacked up on Adderall and Caleb was not.

(If you don't know, after telling Caleb that Amber was saying she wasn't interested in Caleb and that he was too into himself, Devin then shared that Amber told him he was more her type.  After that, Caleb stopped being a Devin Fan, I think, when he realized Devin knew about this and didn't tell him, but still listened to him obsess about their relationship.  Got all that?  If not, you can catch up here about halfway down the page.)

None of this seemed to impact Amber's appetite.  In fact, I'm not even sure she is aware that Caleb now knows that she's been clowning on him, and crowing about taking his Mac & Cheese.  After all, she did listen to him confess his feelings for her and then go downstairs and act like he had a severe case of Cooties.  (You can catch up on this here, also about halfway down the page.)

Personally I thought Amber handled the conversation with Caleb pretty well---I'm sure she is used to having guys drool all over her and knows how to extract herself from the situation.  I don't think she should have made fun of him so quickly, however.  That is fine in real life, but in the Big Brother house it is not recommended...

Zach joined Frankie and Derrick in the Rock Room and did some erratic whispering to let them know what happened the night before.  The girls kept walking in and Frankie's story would get interrupted but he would pick it right back up after they left.

Derrick:  Caleb wants Devin out because of what?

Frankie:  Devin told Caleb Amber likes him and not Caleb..

They had a quiet celebration about how stupid all of this is...and Derrick thanked Frankie for staying up late to get the scoop.

Derrick literally stayed in bed all day yesterday.  I think he got up around 4:00 pm BBT.  Maybe he wanted to be alone and just think....and reflect on his daughter's surgery.  I heard him say on BBAD that Tenley has "bad ears" or "bad hearing" and that was what the surgery was about.  He also said that Production could only tell him when the operation was "all over" and could not comment on how it went or relay any type of message from his wife.

Derrick:  I know they would tell me if it was something bad, though.....

I don't remember what was going on in this picture, but it does look tense, right?  Caleb carried around that Bible much of the day, maybe to ward off Amber and her evil ways....or to resist temptation.

I don't remember when I took this picture, but I do love the Rock Room.  I think the lighting is really cozy and it seems so comfy and snug.

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