Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday Afternoon......I"m Just Beginning to See..... #BB16

(That's an old Moody Blues song, by the way.)

Yesterday Devin trekked upstairs to the HoH room again to make a pitch to stay in the game.  He mainly focused on how Caleb is a major threat, particularly when you consider that he will always save Amber, no matter who she is up against.

Devin:  Dude, if you're on the block with Amber, Caleb is going to save her.

Derrick listened to everything Devin said, but said he couldn't vote this week...his job as HoH was done.

Derrick:  I think you'll agree that you tried to influence other people too much, and tell them how to vote..I'm not gonna do that....I don't know what people are really gonna do. Maybe you'll stay in the house and then I'll have to come up and ask for your forgiveness...who knows.

Before going downstairs Derrick checked his look a few times in the reflection.

And spent an amount of time arranging his hair that seemed excessive.  But what else does he have to do, I guess.  He was waiting to be called in the DR to do his HoH twitter session and blog.

Late last night Derrick, Cody and Zach were playing pool, and Zach said he would probably through the HoH comp this week because he didn't see the benefit in winning...he doesn't feel like he is a target.  Derrick asked him, 'what about keeping me safe?  you had a free week this week because of me?'

Zach pretended like he was kidding, but I don't think he really was.  Derrick vented later in the HoH with Cody about how unreliable Zach is, and how he is just a goofy 23 year old kid.  Derrick doesn't feel comfortable staking his game on Zach.  Cody assured Derrick that he was going to go all out to win this week, and would Ride or Die with Derrick.

Derrick:  If I go home, I'm gonna want you to win.  But I don't want to go home.

Brittany easily spent 45 minutes on her hair yesterday, teasing and spraying it and trying to arrange it in an attractive manner.  She finally gave up and pulled it up in a ponytail.

Here is Caleb trying to sleep in the Have Not room.  He gave his blanket to Amber so she wouldn't be cold.

 Cody shaved his stomach yesterday, with a small group of house guests watching his every move.  Cody kept saying that stomach hair is only for guys with "little skinny dicks".  He also fired a few shots at Hayden, who was sitting back there watching Nicole get ready.

FYI Cody is not genuinely attracted to Nicole.  He told Zach and Derrick that he was going to make out with Nicole sometime this summer "just for the hell of it.  Zach asked him if he was "feeling Nicole", and Cody said he planned to "fake the feeling".

He also brought up Nicole's skin problems, which Zach defended by saying that Nicole can't help that right now.  I don't think Cody is being malicious, though.  He just likes to flirt and there aren't that many women for him to get cozy with in the house.  He is attracted to Brittany, of course, and said that if they were laying face-to-face he might go for it, but knows she is aware of her children watching and would never allow that.

Brittany approached Donny and made a case for working together, saying that they are not part of the big group and they need to stick together.

Derrick's intuition about Brittany is correct...she knows he is the group leader and doesn't trust that group anymore.  Derrick's intuition about Brittany being paranoid is also correct.


  1. Derrick has some noticeable thinning of his hair in the front and the beginning of a small bald spot in the back. I can understand him spending extra time or having concern, I think he looks great, only wish he would reconsider that Backstreet Boys style of skinny beard growth.

  2. Derrick told Jeff that when he worked undercover, the only thing different about him was his beard and earrings.

    At the time I thought he meant a Donny-type of beard, but maybe he had a close-cut, sculpted type of beard. I guess it would depend on what type of undercover operation it was....I would LOVE to hear stories about that but I doubt we ever will...

  3. In some pictures, I think Derrick looks hot, but in some other, not so hot. I can't make up my mind!


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