Tuesday, July 29, 2014

TMZ Reports: Jocosta's Family Hates Frankie #BB16

TMZ is like a dog with a bone as far as Big Brother controversy goes...this time they are reporting that Jocosta Odom's family takes great offense to a comment Frankie made about Jocosta being nominated....Frankie said if she doesn't like it, she can "go kill herself".

Jocosta's sister is especially pissed because Jocosta just "performed a memorial service" for Frankie and Derrick's deceased grandfathers.

Well....I agree that Frankie's use of slang here is deplorable, but I watched that "memorial service" and I thought Jocosta's "performance" was a little inappropriate, a little too smiley and self-aware.  But of course, that paled in comparison to Caleb's statement during the memorial that he loved both Frankie and Derrick so much that he would "wipe their butts".


You can read the TMZ article here, and watch the mini video. 

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