Thursday, July 24, 2014

TMZ on the Frankie Story---Did Production Do the Right Thing? #BB16

TMZ just loves to report on Big Brother.  For example, last year their stories about Aaryn and Gina Marie's racist remarks drew thousands of eyes, and hundreds of comments.  And when the house guests later started losing their jobs, TMZ covered those stories as well.

This is now their THIRD story about Frankie's grandfather, this time wondering if Production did the right thing telling Frankie last night.  This time they have video footage of both Rachel Reilly and Spencer Clawson giving their opinions.

I have to say, whether you agree with him or not, Spencer did a GREAT job here, acting like he does this sort of thing every day.  And even throwing Harvey's name out there (i.e. Harvey Levin).

You can read the article on TMZ here, and watch the short video.

Personally, I agree more with Spencer than I do Rachel.  I think the house guests should sign some sort of release form before they enter the house that covers these types of situations.  If they want the information, they agree in advance to leave the game.

Derrick's two year-old daughter had surgery a few weeks ago, and Producers could only tell him the surgery was over, not if it was successful, or if his daughter was all right.  He certainly didn't get to read a letter from his wife....

I'm very sorry for Frankie's loss.  It sounds like he has an incredible family who love each other very much and he is extremely lucky to have that.

But it gives him an unfair advantage in the game now, as cruel as that may sound.  For example, if the HoH competition tonight is down to the last two people and Frankie is one of them, whoever doesn't let Frankie win is going to be demonized by somebody in there, because Frankie has already announced that "they" will give him a picture of his grandpa if he wins HoH tonight.


Spencer has lost A LOT of weight, but I wish he would lose that scraggly beard.


  1. Rachel Reilly and her sister are idiots, quite apart from anything else. Frankie's sister is a semi successful pop star, which is why CBS told him. They didn't want any negative blowback from her fans. Frankie certainly knew his 90 year old grandpa was terminal and didn't have long to live before he went in the house.

  2. I think the only reason TMZ reports so much about Big Brother is because Parker Delon (BB9) works for TMZ.


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