Sunday, July 27, 2014

TMZ Asks Amber's Family About the Death Curse #BB16

And this is a little low, even for TMZ.

But with no racist comments in the house, and hardly any nudity, there is nothing else for them to cover, I guess.

I'll say this:  If any of Amber's grandparents are going to die while she's in the Big Brother house, they better do it quickly....  because Amber's ass is out the door this week.  Or that's the plan, anyway.

You can read the TMZ story here, but there isn't much too it.  I think the juiciest thing is that they found such a strange picture of Amber for the story, right?

PS: I will feel HORRIBLE if someone in Amber's family actually dies this week.  But hey, I don't work for TMZ.

You know they hired David Girton last year to be one of the on-camera TMZ people, sitting in the newsroom, right?  I think they wanted him to replace the blonde-haired guy who had just left his job.  Whatever happened, it wasn't good, because David was back home in San Diego within a month, and went off the rails shortly afterwards...

Maybe TMZ should cover that story...

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