Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tidbits from Last Night & This Morning #BB16

I took this picture yesterday of Jocosta while she was talking to Britney on the couch.  She said a few encouraging things and Brittany said thanks, I needed to hear that.

Jocosta had a really bad day yesterday.  The BoB competition was very physical and she was already in a weakened physical state.  On the feeds today they are saying she was extremely dehydrated and overheated.  I know Production has heard her talk about all the fiber and laxative products she keeps taking, so I hope they keep an eye on her.

After he and Jocosta lost the BoB yesterday, Caleb stewed in his own juices.  Donny was going around telling people Caleb threw the competition, but from what I heard it would have been hard to do that.  And Jocosta made quite a few booboos, too.  I think they just got beat and that hurts.

Amber and Donny won the BOB, and Amber is very weak and shaky.  They had to suspend something heavy in the air and she says her legs could barely hold up.  They all laughed when thinking about how Pao Pao may have fared in the competition.

I don't want to be mean (?), but I re-watched part of the Thursday night CBS show when it replayed on TVGN last night, and Amber's outfit she wore was just not very flattering.  Those shorts were way too tight and were pulling across the hip area.  It's okay to carry a few more pounds, but not if you stuff yourself into clothes that don't fit.

I also noticed the very mannerly way that Cody helped Amber step down from the platform area.  They were both on top at first with 17 points, but then had to move down to second place when Frankie scored a 24.  Cody held his arm out to politely guide Amber down to the next level.

Those are good old-fashioned manners.  I am sure Cody's mother watched that and was proud.  Even though CBS had to bleep some of Cody's comments as he watched his ball roll down the course.

One more thing...those house guests were talking right through that competition, while Julie was covering the action.  They were really loud and it was funny to hear things I didn't notice the first time I watched, when I was just as nervous as they were.

I heard Donny say that BB weighed all of the BoB players before the competition, so I think the amount of weight they had to hold up was related to their own weight.  Which makes sense, I guess.

Last night the guys were saying that Donny was moving incredibly slow in the competition, but he was "calling out puzzle pieces" the whole time and his communication with Amber was good.  As I recall, Donny's slow and steady approach is what won him the first PoV competition, when he spelled 'splitters'.

Frankie can't just walk in the room and sit down like a normal person.  He had to walk over to Zach and give a pseudo hug, just like he does below in the picture with Caleb.

The way Frankie voted in the DR on Thursday night was irritating, too.  He had to jump around in his chair like an elf, always putting on a show.  It's sad to me....he feels like he has to entertain everybody but doing that all of the time just comes off as insincere.

And speaking of putting on a show, Frankie wore this little sequined number later during the dinner hour.  I don't even know what to say about it, so I won't even try.

Zach cut up an avocado and it was scary to watch, the way he held the fruit in his hand and used the knife with the other...not the safe way to do it at all.  He should scoop out each half on a cutting board and then slice it up safely.

 And now for this morning.  Jocosta is moving very slowly, and is in a lot of pain.

Nicole took a shower.  You can see she is wearing her frog costume on the lower half.  The first wake up call was "It's Not Easy Being Green" which is a Muppet song sung by Kermit the Frog.  Nicole told Hayden that the country song they played in the #3 spot was her favorite song.  Hayden said it was a pretty good song, but I don't know what it was, of course.

It's hard to even watch Jocosta move..if the PoV is a physical comp I'm not sure how she can even participate.   Some people on the internet are speculating that she will leave the game, but surely BB can get her an IV and some fluids.  In BB9 two girls went to the hospital in one day, at the same time, and both returned to the game.

One of the issues was slop-related, and BB started allowing protein powder for the Have Nots after that happened.

Devin cracked two eggs in a pan to make breakfast, and then BB called him into the DR.  Devin is in a much better frame of mind today, and chuckled at the bad timing instead of cursing them out.

Devin asked Donny to watch his eggs for him while he was in the DR.

Donny:  What you want me to watch 'em do?  Turn white or something?

Last night on BBAD, Devin went upstairs to the HoH under the guise of bringing Derrick his new HoH slippers from the storage room, and asked Victoria to leave, saying he wanted to talk to the guys.  Then he told the guys (Derrick, Zach, Caleby) that he really missed his daughter, and implied he didn't want anybody to change the plan to evict him.

Zach said they all missed their families...Devin saw him tear up talking about his little brother, and then Derrick admits that he was looking at Tenley's picture and he started crying and got interrupted when Nicole walked in.

This was a real ice breaker and I think it was what Devin needed to relax and act human for a change.  I haven't watched the entire BBAD yet, but I can tell that Devin is much better now, and can carry on everyday conversations without acting like a horse's ass.

Some people just can't handle having power, and maybe that is Devin.

Donny asked Christine and Hayden for help watching Devin's eggs.  Nobody knew what to do with them, so they just took the pan off the stove for him to work with later.

Donny:  Eggs are purdy.  They look like sunshine.

Christine was going to have yogurt but Donny said if you might be a Have Not in a few hours, you might want to really eat up big, so she decided to cook oatmeal.

Donny:  I had an extra big bowl of Froot Loops.

Here comes Nicole.

Hayden:  Hey Hoppy.

Hayden says she is the cutest frog he's ever seen.  Nicole says the costume is too big but she's figured out how to tuck the hands in and the feet too, I think.

Nicole got called in the DR in the middle of the night but they told her she didn't need to wear the frog costume.  Thank god, she said, and BB told her to stop talking about Production.

Hayden told Donny about the police activity last night.  He said there was a police helicopter traveling in a tight circle, shining down a bright search light.

Hayden:  It was probably somebody on foot, running, on Ventura Blvd or something, and they kept circling really tight, shining the light.  They were using the megaphone, but we couldn't understand what they said.  Then we heard them say "this is your last chance" and then we heard gunshots. And then we got locked in inside.

They agreed it was really cool to experience that in the BB house.

Christine is tired.  BB asked all of the girls to "get ready" so they think they will have DR sessions in addition to the PoV player pick.

Devin is being charming, talking about various topics.  It's a new day for Devin.

Devin decided to nap with Caleb in the Cave and kind of rolled over him in the process.  Caleb said he must have been a big fat baby, because when his head hit Caleb stomach it knocked the wind out of him.

The two of them discussed WWE wrestling, and Devin is a big fan.  He would love to spend the day with Drake or The Rock.  He says he would imitate everything The Rock does, his whole eating and training program to see what it's like.


I'll say it again...if Devin plays and wins the PoV, he can save Caleb and turn the house upside down again.  If that happened, Derrick would have no choice but to nominate someone who isn't going to be happy about it, and it would mean Caleb, Amber and Devin would be safe this week.

Think about that for a minute....who would Derrick put up?  And would they get voted out instead of Jocosta?  

Has Derrick even considered this yet?  

I'll be Production has.....and with the live show ratings up over 25% last week, they will want to keep things rolling...


  1. If Devin wins POV and pulls Caleb off the block, can't Derrick put up Devin? Winning the POV doesn't guarantee safety if you use it to save someone else.
    Isn't that how Marcellus was evicted way back when?

  2. No, the PoV winner is safe, that is the risk today.

    Marcellas chose not to save himself with the PoV he won, and he was on the block. That's why it was such a stupid move--he could have won the game.

    1. also BB3 was the first year that the POV was used....and Marci stayed on the Block cause his best friend Amy would've been put on the Block if he came off...the rules were still new to the HG' he didnt know better....

      Ahhh, the good ole days of BB, lol...☺...


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