Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tidbits From the Last 24 Hours #BB16

Yesterday, Cody and Hayden stayed up all night.  At one point Victoria made coffee for them at about 6:00 am BBT, but she went to bed after that.  Cody and Hayden played pool until around 8:30 am BBT, and then Cody made breakfast for them and finally went to bed.

Hayden said the coffee kept him up, and he played with a slinky.  I'm not sure where the slinky came from, but it has been going from room to room with various house guests.  They have figured out that mere arm motions count as activity for their fitness trackers, so they all like to keep their hands busy now.

(I can assure you my FitBit doesn't work that way....only my feet are moving on the ground count as physical activity.)

Hayden made a lot of noise with the slinky, and commented that the sound must bother all of the live feeders.  Then he kept right on going.

Christine couldn't sleep in the Have Not room due to Derrick's snoring.  She came in the kitchen and was obviously unhappy about this.  She said it was uncanny how Derrick and Caleb trade off snoring duties.  If one of them is snoring at night, it is as if the other one knows he doesn't have to do it, so only one of them snores, but one of them always does.

She planned to wait until Derrick was out of the room before trying to go back in there to sleep.

I just remembered a story Hayden told to Cody while they were eating breakfast.  It was really interesting and had to be interrupted by FISH due to the specific details, but here is the summarized version.

Hayden moved out to California alone last September, with only two suitcases and a limited amount of money. He didn't know anyone, but he had a hotel reservation, and a few job leads to follow.  By the end of September, he had a job in a bookstore and found a small studio apartment in Long Beach.

There was a guy who kept coming in the bookstore to hang out and he would talk to Hayden.  It turns out the guy was a Mormon from Utah who was unsatisfied with his life.  He packed up his car and drove to California and was living in the car when he met Hayden.  He wanted to room with Hayden but it took Hayden a while to get on board with that plan.

Hayden finally invited the kid over to see the apartment, and he ended up staying.  The kid slept on the floor for weeks until he could buy a bed to sleep on.  It sounds like the kid's bed had a suitcase by it as a partition, and a towel hanging up for a little privacy.  Hayden knew that guy could see him, but didn't care because he was saving so much money on rent with the money the kid kicked in every month.

Hayden said the kid ended up having six different jobs, starting out as a dishwasher somewhere.  The kid got "addicted" to going to Hooter's because as a naive Mormon he just couldn't believe there were scantily clad hot chicks running around and he could drink beer there, too.  Hayden said the kid ended up making some genuine friendships with Hayden's neighbors and gives him credit for being so brave and inquisitive.  He lived with Hayden right up until two weeks before Hayden came on Big Brother, because he ended up going back home to Utah.  Hayden said the kid figured out what he needed to learn and went back home with a better idea of what he wanted out of life.

Cody really liked the story and seemed impressed with how Hayden just chucked it all and started in California with nothing.  Hayden said his pedi-cab job is with a company who sells the pedi-cab "experience" for different events, so that the pedi-cabs take people from their hotels to the conference centers, etc.  Hayden does not get paid by the event company, but gets to keep all of his tips.  He really hustles for tips and talks to people and makes them laugh, trying to turn a $5 tip into $20.  For one event he made $1,100 in one weekend, but that isn't the norm, he says.

In addition to the bookstore job, Hayden also worked at some sort of "e-cigarette store" but he commented several times about how "stressful" that was.  He quit that job and is much happier just making ends meet and hanging out at the beach every day.

Oh yeah...Hayden said he only works about 2 days per month at the pedi-cab company....on average.

Hayden finally went to bed, and for hours Jocosta and Donny just sat there in the backyard.  Jocosta tried to make conversation a few times, but there were a lot of awkward silences.  To be honest, Donny seems kind of hostile sometimes about his privacy.  I know America supposedly just loves Donny, but if Americans all watched the live feeds they might not feel the same way.

Donny never initiates any activities that are not solitary ones.  He just goes about his day on his own.  He makes his own breakfast and exercises afterwards, and then he sits and waits for other people to take action around him.  If he's walking in the backyard, then Christine or Jocosta might walk along with him, but Donny can take it or leave it.

In his defense, he says he is alone at home for about 13 hours each day, so I guess he's doing the same thing now.  But it is very boring to watch.  Donny would never say "let's all grill some chicken" or "teach me how to play pool", or "get away from me, loser".  Instead he just sits...

(Donny has been very sassy in the last few hours, and I will report on that later...)

Victoria came out to join Donny and Jocosta for a conversation about religion that was pretty interesting.  They were comparing what Victoria believed about the Old Testament to what they believed, and there were several interesting inconsistencies.  Victoria also spoke of her family in Israel and one cousin no one visits because she lives alone in the woods, or something like that.

Frankie and Zach slept the morning way.   I think this picture is funny since they are both doing the same thing with their heads, looking up.

We don't see Christine laying out in the sun very often, but she and Nicole braved the heat yesterday to catch some rays and mutter about the game.

They both realize that the guys want to keep Victoria around so she won't blow up their game.  Christine updated Nicole about what she missed from the pool tournament last night.

Christine's bathing suit is kind of 40's-inspired and is actually cute.   You can see some interesting close-ups of her tattoos in a few of these pictures.  Christine is usually all covered up so this is kind of a rare occasion.

What is the blue picture on Christine's leg, and why would she put it there?  I don't understand those choices at all.  But at least she doesn't have a Toxic Avenger tattoo like Matt Hoffman does...BB had to cover that tattoo due to copyright infringements.  Also, Devin had a tattoo related to his 12 step program that he had to cover with a Band Aid, too (from his Xanax abuse rehab).

Here is Caleb showing his undies.  He was singing a song in a Kermit the Frog voice that made Kermit sound like a bad boy, drinking and smoking weed, I think.

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  1. Have you found the naked Pic of Cody in the HOH shower showing his Junk?... i have a GIF if u want it...☺...


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