Saturday, July 26, 2014

This, That and The Other From the Live Feeds #BB16

So after Derrick's little grief session in the living room yesterday, he said he wanted to go lay down for about an hour to rest.  Of course, Frankie went in there after him for yet more hugs and affirmations.  He also extended Derrick an invitation to "go upstairs and shit anytime he wants" this week.

How thoughtful.

As soon as Derrick got in a horizontal position, Nicole came in to talk to him, and he jumped up immediately.  Her message was very sweet.  She thanked Derrick for cheering her up yesterday (after Zach nominated her and called her names) and said he was one of the nicest people she's ever met, and if there is anything she can ever do for him, or if she can make this easier for him, to just let her know.

It was a very sweet moment, and very genuine on both sides.

Derrick laid back down, and covered his face, and then Victoria burst into the room, asking if Derrick was alright.

Derrick, not snappy at all:  Thank you Victoria.  I'm fine.  I just want to rest for about an hour or so and then I'll come back out and be straight.

She left.  Derrick sighed.  No one bothered him for at least a few minutes.

Just now (Saturday morning in the BB house) Christine was putting on make up and listening to Victoria drone on and on about how "everything happens for a reason", and how she's "not very good at times like those" and so on.

As soon as Victoria left the room, Christine started whispering to Nicole.

Christine:  I just can't talk to her...I just can't have any conversations with her....

Nicole:  Well, don't say that in front of Hayden...he seems to frickin' think she's the greatest...

Nicole is putting some sort of powder in her hair to give it texture.

And the following pictures are from yesterday afternoon.  I'll try to remember what I was thinking when I snapped them from the live feeds.

I thought this was a strange angle of Nicole.  Both she and Christine sat silently, waiting for Frankie to finish making slop for them.  They had both been nominated an hour or so earlier, and knew they needed to get some nutrition for the upcoming Battle of the Block.

(They won that, by the way.)

Frankie narrated his cooking process of course, making it a theatrical experience.

This was Zach, laying in the HoH room watching the Spy Screen.  He wanted to survey the damage he caused during nominations, I think.  But I love to see pictures of the Spy Screen in the picture though, whenever I can.

Christine and Nicole were both bummed out about being nominated, and couldn't really figure out what Zach was up to.  They wanted to take a nap before the competition.

The house was quiet as everyone rested after the busy morning.  Jocosta prepared for the Battle of the Block by reading.

She lost the Battle, you know.

And check out this nap session in the Rock Room. What is going on there?

Why it's Hayden and Victoria.  CBS won't show us this, I'll bet.  Interesting...

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