Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This May Be Brittany's Last Day to Tan, #BB16

because they will likely be locked in on Wednesday to prepare for the live show on Thursday.

I wasn't going to watch this camera view, because I don't want to hear all of Jocosta's many morning shout outs, but I saw Nicole's sausage in the background, so I waited to see what that was all about.

I conclude Nicole just left her sausage there the last time she visited the area.  In fact, she might just wake up and panic, wondering where her wienie is..

Then Brittany showed up, and started messing with all that bad hair.  She looks at least 10 years older with that bird's nest down around her face.

She claims she just spotted her very first grey hair.  I guess that's possible.  I'm not sure I believe Brittany, and I'm not sure Jocosta does, either.  Jocosta claims to have two grey eyelashes.

Continually teasing and spraying that hair isn't going to make it better.  In fact, I predict the bun or ponytail will appear within the hour.

She really should put some coconut oil in it and put it up in a pony tail or chignon today.  Some deep conditioning is what she needs.....right?

Brittany started whispering about the game.  She actually believes that Cody wants to keep her this week, and that he will do everything he can to make sure she stays in the game.  Brittany asked Amber earlier today if the plan was still to evict Donny, and Amber gave her an answer that upset her, something along the lines of "I'm not sure...I need to ask Caleb".

(Cody, Zach, Frankie and Derrick are trying to keep Brittany from learning that she is the actual target until Thursday, at the latest, so she won't wig out.)

This is Cody after brushing his teeth, gargling with water.  Why doesn't he do his tooth brushing upstairs in the HoH bathroom?  While this is going on, Brittany is in one of the shower stalls making the sort of comments that you'd make in front of Cody if you want to say, get his attention, or vote for you to stay.

For example:

Brittany:  My bikini bottoms just keep shrinking in here!  Or maybe I'm getting bigger...


Brittany:  Jocosta, can I borrow your Nair for my bikini line?  I'll just use a tiny bit....that's all I need....

Big Brother wants Brittany to put on her microphone, but first Brittany is trying to decide what bikini top she is wearing, so she has something to clip it to.  Brittany walks in and out of the room and when alone Jocosta starts muttering to God some statements about "trusting people on the way out of here."

I did not hear God reply.

Brittany is walking around looking for something.  This isn't the most flattering angle for her.

This one is much better.

She went in the stall and came out wearing a totally different look.

I am ready to move to another camera view, but I will stay here for just a few more minutes since Brittany has so many fans who love to see her prance around in there.

I wonder if Jocosta prays for Brittany.  If she does, I'll bet it's not for the reasons that Brittany would like her to....

Four bandaids on her left foot, her soccer-ball kicking foot, of course.

Another one of these..

And another...

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