Saturday, July 26, 2014

The PoV Players Have Been Picked #BB16

And the players picked were Donny, Christine, and Hayden, who will join the other players (Frankie, Jocosta and Victoria) playing for the PoV.

Amber will host the PoV, and Frankie jokes that as soon as Big Brother finds out Amber is hosting, they will change the theme to make her dress like a stripper, with nipple tassels and thigh high boots.

Frankie:  Do you have thigh high boots?

Amber:  Yeah, but not here....I love to wear 'em when it's cold, with skinny jeans.

Frankie:  And booty shorts?  I love that!

Amber obviously has no clue that she is the backdoor target this week.  And if that happens, it will be a classic backdoor in the strictest sense since she was not able to play for the PoV.

I can't imagine Christine being too happy about having to play.  She is doing her fair share of complaining about the Have Not lifestyle, and had a conversation with Jocosta a few minutes ago about having gas.

That sort of thing is Jocosta's favorite conversational topic you know. It really is.

Frankie tells them about how the DR wanted him to repeat all of the PoV player pick lines in a dramatic fashion, because "every week someone new watches the show and doesn't understand the rules".

Nicole tells Amber she's "happy for her".  Amber chatters about how she wanted to host last week, but she didn't feel well.

(Nicole hates Amber.)

Earlier, I heard Frankie and Zach say that Amber going home before Jury was the best thing for her, since they plan to evict Caleb next.  They can't imagine what it would be like for her to have Caleb following her around everywhere in the Jury house.

This morning, Nicole came out to the empty living room and I told myself how cute she looks in her clothes, after all of those costumes.

As if reading my mind, she plopped down on the couch and mumbled "I'm so happy to be wearing my clothes again...".

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