Saturday, July 5, 2014

The PoV Action Cranks up Again Today #BB16

Production scolded the kids in the Rock Room a few hours ago, saying they needed to settle down and shut up because they would be getting a wake-up call in less than two hours.

I can only assume that they need to pick players for the PoV, and to hold the competition later today.  This should also result in a new group of Have Nots...hopefully some new people will experience that this week, to make it a little more fair.

Christine rested one elbow on the counter and said when she tried to pull it up it was stuck there.  Gross.

Amber is doing Pao Pao's hair and Pao Pao is thanking Amber over and over.

I wonder if Pao Pao knows how badly she needs to win the PoV today.....

In fact, Pao Pao or Devin winning the PoV would be the worst possible outcome, since Devin would likely put up Caleb or Derrick in her place, leaving one of the former Bomb Squad on the block with Brittany.

(The Bomb Squad broke up just a few hours earlier--you can catch up on that action here.)

Pao Pao says she likes it when Amber teases her hair and Amber says that is weird.

Brittany ate some yogurt.  That hairstyle would not look out of place on a runway, but in the Big Brother house it looks like a mistake.

Donny comes in and says he would not make a good host for the competition.

Donny:  I don't have a good memory..

Christine:  But you don't need to remember what you just need to read the cards..

Donny:  But then I might have to do it over, and they might want to talk to me about it..

Victoria tells Donny that her hair isn't real and Donny is shocked.

Donny:  How many of you girls don't have real hair?

Victoria:  Just me and Brittany.

Donny is legitimately shocked.

They are all tired after last night. Amber doesn't usually drink coffee, but she says today she needs some--she doesn't care what it tastes like.  Nicole joined the group and needed coffee, too.

Brittany puts Cool Whip in her coffee and says it makes it nice and creamy.  They ask Donny if he would like some coffee.

Donny:  I'll have a tad, if it don't make you mad...

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