Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Girls Work Out, Cody Gets His Flirt On #BB16

You may have noticed that the lounge area this year, called The Hive, isn't as comfortable-looking as the Cockpit last year.  The seating areas are all different levels, making it very hard to lay down comfortably, although there are beanbag chairs to lean on or use as footstools.

I think we can thank McCranda for that, right?  They were a little too comfortable in that area of the house last year, day after day, for hours at a stretch.

The girls this year are taking advantage of the levels to use them as steps for their workout.  This was a fast workout, but very intense, led by Victoria, who was surprisingly influential here, yelling things about looking sexy and getting fit.  That is Britney in the gray T-shirt, and Nicole in the Frog Costume, of course.

Christine holds a good plank.  Nicole and Brittany have dropped out at this point.

Jumping jacks.  Thirty of them.

In the Cave, Cody was laying in bed with Brittany, talking to Donny who was sitting nearby.  Cody is being very flirty right now, and he is very good at it.

Donny complimented Brittany, saying that she could eat nothin' for two weeks and still look like that.  He says she's got a tough attitude, too, and "don't take nothin' from nobody".

Cody told Donny how rude Brittany was to him yesterday.

Cody:  I'm a hugger.  I like to hug.  And I thought Brittany would be a great hugger, being a mom and everything.  So I went over to hug her and she said, I don't want sloppy fifteens.

(ha ha ha)

Donny:  Brittany does give great hugs.

Cody:  I wouldn't know....I've only had about half a hug since I've been here.

Victoria came in and Cody got flirty with her, too.  She had sweat on her and he said it was gross.

Cody:  Let me go over this get into bed all wet, and she won't give me a hug.

The Girls:  ***giggle giggle giggle***

I think Cody is doing great at this game right now.  Nobody's wanting him out at all right now.  Caleb, Devin and Derrick will be targeted before he is...

I think Derrick's game is going to get him in trouble, if he doesn't correct some things soon, but Cody is just tucked up under his wing, keeping his distance as planned.


  1. I would hold off on the exercises if I was in a costume that I had to wear for a week. She's going to be a stinky frog unless she can wash it. Was Frank allowed to wash the carrot suit?

  2. I think Frank had a few carrot suits, but his was really like a dress, and he would roll the bottom up when he worked out. And at least his little carrot top was only on the top of his head.


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