Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Excitement Builds as the Have Not Week Draws to a Close . #BB16

As the countdown to midnight approached, the Have Nots prepared to chow down.  There was a lot of excited energy as Brittany got the oven working and started laying out a feast.

(If you don't know, Brittany, Joey, Hayden and Cody have been Have Nots for one week, and are dying for some real food.)

Zach started dancing around and Hayden joined in.  They walked Christine through doing some booty pops and Zach approved.  She is going to work on adding arm motions, too.

Brittany invited Nicole to eat with them, but Nicole said she just wanted to watch.  She's not that hungry now, she says.

Brittany sent Derrick upstairs to get her beers.  I guess she has been stashing her share of the booze delivery for tonight.  I am going to try and hold two beer cans at once like Derrick is doing here, but I suspect all that will happen is that I will have dented beer cans.  You know, from the fall.

Derrick looks like he's filing an incident report or something.  Police officers have to fill out a lot of paperwork, although some of it might be on computer now.

Brittany started cooking when she got married.  Derrick says his wife does most of the cooking at home, and Brittany says she's "not judging".

Victoria looks sad when she hears this...yes Victoria, Derrick is married.  So move along now and take a seat before you are cited for loitering.

Derrick cooks on the grill at home, of course.  Joey said she will be so happy to eat that she might start streaking again.  Zach and Hayden went upstairs to play chess.  Hayden had about 10 minutes left before he could eat, so he needed to do something to pass the last excruciating moments.

These two guys keep a steady stream of crap talk, like little boys playing with toy soldiers.  Some of the words make sense (Zach) and some are noisy gibberish (Hayden).

It was time for Devin's feeding, too.  He eats every few hours, and was issuing orders a few minutes ago for someone to find the "shaker with the purple top".  He even had Hayden interrupt his chess game to go look for it.

Zach sat by him and they had a low conversation.  Guess what they talked about?  Devin's daughter, of course.  And how he wants to set a good example for her.  (Don't even get me started on that.)

Zach;  You accomplished that today, did.

Devin:  Thanks dude. (sniffle)  I just don't want her to look back on some of the stuff I've said and did in here....(sniffle sniffle)'s all good dude.

Zach:  Keep your eyes on the prize....just accomplish the mission...everyone knows you are going to play a good honest game from here on...

It really is just like Devin to try to usurp the Have Not excitement, making things all about himself.  Apparently something big went down today regarding the Caleb-Devin-Amber triangle---I will certainly report back later on that.

OK now Caleb came over and Derrick strolled across the room and got in the middle of the group, asking if everyone is okay.

Derrick:  You okay?  Everything good?

Caleb:  Yep, everything is good.

Derrick:  Got everything out in the open?  Everything is good between you and her?  OK...

(This is a total cop move...look at his stance below...I hope Derrick's secret doesn't get blown this summer when he has to to put Caleb in a choke hold and read him his rights...)

Caleb walked away from the group and Zach told Devin that if he needs a friend in the house, someone to talk to, to come see him.

Zach:  You can tell me anything....we have the same birthday!  We're going to be friends after this...we'll kick it in Palm Beach and go to Rachel's...

Devin:  I'm not going to Rachel's again...

If you don't know, this is Rachel's....


  1. The Devin, Amber, and Caleb fiasco was excellent and i can't wait to read your take on it. I think it started when Devin confronted Amber in the HOH about how mean she was to Caleb. It just spiraled down from there. When Devin called the meeting look at Derrik. He has the, "I wish I brought my taser" look written all over his face.
    What did you think about when Zach was by himself talking into the camera about how he much he hates Victoria? It was great. With his mustache he looks like a comic book villain.
    Your Derrick/cop comments> everything else.

  2. Oh Groucho I look forward to it!

    I wish there was a separate Derrick Cam in there so we could see his reactions to everything..... if we can feel the Devin-Caleb-Amber tension building, then I know he can...

    I'd love to see Derrick hit Devin with a taser... ha ha ha.


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