Friday, July 18, 2014

The Drama Continues...and Derrick Works Jocosta #BB16

Victoria is out of the shower now and is teary and angry at the same time.  She is venting to Nicole about BedGate, and she is embarrassed and hurt about the situation.

(There was a big public stink last night about who would have to sleep with Victoria now that Frankie would be in the HoH, and she had no idea people felt that way about sleeping in the same bed with her.  You can see part of this drama here.)

Nicole:  Just try to focus and forget about it.  Everyone talks shit about people in here.

Victoria:  I DON'T!  I don't talk shit about anybody, but they all talk shit about me.  Why can't they say that to my face?  And this is all on TV...on the cameras all the time and it's so embarrassing.   No one has ever treated me like this..

Victoria:  And with the nominations?  It was all right there..I should have known..

Nicole:  At  least the outfit was really cute.  You should keep that one.

Meanwhile, Derrick appears to be taking the incident that just happened with Victoria in the shower to build a bridge with Jocosta.  They talked about how their families need the money and the prize would be important.

Derrick:  I mean, we're doin' okay, but neither of us is here for the TV time, that's for sure.

Jocosta:  You got that right.

And here comes Derrick's Mist:

Derrick, quietly:  I didn't think Cody would nominate Brittany....not him...

Jocosta:  Mm hmm.

Derrick went on to say that his HoH was simple, because all he wanted to do was get Devin out, and he said that from the very beginning.  He got lucky that Caleb volunteered to go on the block, but other than that it was pretty cut and dried, and he just tried to get the job done while he was up there.

Jocosta admitted he did a good job.

Now Derrick points out that he told Caleb not to throw the BoB, because Jocosta is much more likable in the house than Caleb is, and he would get voted out in a second.

Jocosta changed the topic, saying that she wants some corn meal so she can make corn bread.  Derrick hopes she gets that, too, because he would love to have some homemade cornbread.

Is Derrick's Mist going to work on Jocosta?  I'm not sure.  Because Derrick has been all about getting Brittany out of the house as soon as possible...

But I did hear her tell a story last night about how she acted up in a club and said she was thankful that she didn't get arrested.  I wish she would tell Derrick some of those stories.

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