Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Cast Hugs It Out..... #BB16

This happened at the end of the group meeting where Frankie told them about his grandfather's death. (You can see that here.)   During the big group hug, the only sound was Frankie weeping and sniffing back the tears.

Then it was time for individual hugs.

Cody is a very good hugger.  Just look at that arm and hand placement.

Derrick, wearing Hayden's grey beanie.

Frankie:  Thank you Donny.

Jocosta watches, but really didn't participate much here.  I didn't remember hearing her say anything ---I think Amber said the most to Frankie during the scene ---she seemed to know exactly what to say and was sitting next to Frankie.

(Recently, Frankie told the guys that he felt Jocosta was very critical of him, and made a comment during a prayer with him that mentioned Frankie "going down the wrong path" and hoping Jesus could help him.  Frankie: I hope she meant that I'm gay!  Because if she's talking about this game, I don't want her to know I'm coming for her! He made it funny, but if you think about it, it's not amusing at all...)

I think Nicole lost her German-tard cap during the group hug.

Caleb missed a good chance to grope all over Amber during the group hug, right?

Frankie stared at the medicine cabinet in the storage room for a minute before leaving the room empty-handed.  Basically, that cabinet contains items for the house guests that are perpetually restocked (toothpaste, deodorant, aspirin, etc) and the sign says to use items as needed, and not to bogart anything.  (basically...)

Zach had a moment alone in the Have Not room, staring at himself in the mirror. In the last few days, he has been openly discussing his facial plastic surgery.  It sounds like he talked some smack to the wrong person in a Gainesville bar and got his nose broken, along with some bones in one of his eye sockets.

Lucky for Zach, UF has a great teaching hospital on campus, with a lot of talented doctors.  If you have to take a beating in a college town, you could certainly be in a lot worse places...


  1. Can you post the conversation during the second talk between Cody, zack, Frank and about Cody losing his virginity?


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