Friday, July 18, 2014

The BoB Ends, and Drama Begins #BB16

The Battle of the Block is over, and as expected Jocosta and Amber won, leaving Brittany and Victoria on the block.  And Cody as the final HoH...

Jocosta and Amber speak in low tones in the kitchen, wearing cute little black workout outfits.  Amber wants some nail clippers, so Jocosta got some and they went in the Hive to chat.

Derrick eats a sandwich, or something along those lines.

Cody, Christine, Caleb, and Cody's Abs went into storage to get some food.  I got the impression they wanted to talk game, but Caleb followed them in there.  Caleb was all about "Caleb Caleb Caleb" and tells them that he begged someone from Production to let him "do his pose" out there for the cameras.

Caleb:  I told him it was getting pretty famous, so he let me do it...he's real cool about that.

Apparently his pose was the "one arm straight out and one arm bent as if holding a bow" that looks just like what Jessie Godderz used to do all of the time.  Cody and Christine said how cool that was, and tried to get out of the room.

Caleb asked Cody how he could tell that a banana was ripe and ready to eat.

(Is he an imbecile?  Any two year old knows that.)

Cody told him when the banana is yellow, it is ready.  If it gets too brown, it's no good.  On the way back to the kitchen Caleb said he planned to confront Amber about what Frankie told him.  I can only assume he is going to harass Amber about saying that she didn't like him, or something like that.

Derrick walked down the hall and Jocosta stopped him, telling him what Victoria did just now wasn't right, because he is a married man. (!)  Apparently Victoria wanted Derrick to hand her something over the shower door and Jocosta felt it was inappropriate.

Derrick:  She asked me to just hand her her brush , so I did it like this.... (looking in the other direction).  Do you think it looks bad on me?

Amber:  Honestly, yes.  It's not right for her to do that.

Jocosta:  Oh, it's not have Jana...why didn't she ask us to help her?  we're right here...when Amber got stuck in the shower she asked us for help...

Derrick:  Well, she just lost, and I think she's crying in there, and I know you get mad at her.

Jocosta: I'm not gonna get mad at her.  You just let me know next time.  I got you.  And you were in there eating.

Derrick:  Thanks for the love.  Yeah, I was trying to eat my fucking sandwich.

Jocosta:  Well go on and eat then.

After Derrick left the room Jocosta told Amber this reminded her of the time when Devin came in the room when she was showering and was trying to talk to her.

Amber:  WHAT?

Jocosta:  First of all, he didn't need to be talking to me...I just kept showering and ducked down lower..I didn't want to blow up on him.

Oh snap.  Jocosta tells her that she forgot about the shower incident, but then "they" asked her about it when she was in the doctor's office.  (i.e. last weekend when she was ill).

Jocosta:  They asked me what he said to me in there, but I told them I started ignoring him, because I was in the shower!  And that's personal.  I don't want some big dude towering over....

Amber:  Seeing everything....and your're married..

Jocosta:  That dude.  And he say he and women have problems, but I think he's the problem.  I want to talk to Victoria, but I know she'll start crying but you gotta respect that man.

Jocosta hopes Derrick didn't take that the wrong way, but she told Derrick she was looking at it as a wife would see it and someone did that to her husband.

Amber:  I like Derrick.  He's such a sweet and humble man.  He's honest, too.

No comment from Jocosta on that.

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